Monday, August 22, 2016

Israel's clueless Left--and Lebanon

Israel's Jewish Left is clueless. It thinks 'Jewish' means 'failure'.  

It hates Israel's Jewishness. Its greatest wish is for Israel to be non-Jewish.   

For Israel's Left, the Jewish religion is a form of fascism (Kobi Niv, "Want to Make Sure Israel Doesn't Become a Jewish-fascist State? Take a Tip From Turkey", haaretz, June 23, 2015). To these anti-Jewish Jews, 'Jewish' and 'Judaism' are the same as 'oppression' and 'injustice' (Richard Silverstein, "Israel and the rise of Judeo-fascism", tikunolam, November 25, 2014).

The Left is definitely clueless. Jews didn't survive as a people through almost 2,000 of exile because they made a commitment to reject 'Jewish' and 'Judaism'. Jews survived as a Jewish people because they remained committed to their Jewish religion.

Yes, the Left is clueless. I can recall a video (which I can no longer locate) in which a prominent member of Israel's Left makes the assertion that we will know that Israel has become a true democracy when Israel elects an Arab Prime Minister who protects Jews' rights.

Why would the world's only Jewish state elect an Arab (Christian or Muslim--though probably a Muslim because of the overwhelming percentage of Arabs in Israel who are Muslim) to protect Jews? What would happen if such a Prime Minister chose not to protect Jewish rights? What then? Should Israel gamble it's future on the hope that a non-Jew would protect us?

Why must Israel, after nearly 2,000 years of having to rely on non-Jews for protection, return to that? Much of our past national suffering has happened because those we trusted to protect us betrayed us.

When Leftists in Israel speak this way, they reveal that they don't understand the neighborhood they live in. They don't understand Jewish history. They don't understand Middle East history.

They certainly don't understand the Muslim mindset. If they did, they wouldn't be so eager to propose Israel be led by a probably-Muslim leader. They wouldn't be so eager to surrender land to Muslims who surround Israel. 

If you want to understand why Israel is reluctant to trust its Muslim neighbors, think about the Middle East Muslim mindset. Forget what anti-Jewish Jews say about Muslims. Listen instead to a non-Jew. 

Here's a video. It's just over 8 minutes long. In it, a Lebanese-born American citizen explains what happens when Muslims take over a non-Islamic Middle East country. 

The speaker in this video isn't talking about Israel. She's talking about Lebanon.

Her name is Brigitte Gabriel. She's a journalist. You should listen to her story.

The title of this video appears to direct the viewer's attention to Muslim migrants entering Europe. But I think her comments pertain to Israel as well--and to a lesser extent, to the US. Certainly, she presents a view of Islam we don't usually see.

The title of the video seems a bit shrill. The title is,

"Shocking testimony of Brigitte Gabriel on the Islamization of Lebanon - Wake Up Europe!!!"

Is Ms Gabriel telling the truth? Is she correct to believe that what happened to her Lebanon would happen to any Westernized nation should Muslims feel confident enough to take over?

Think about Muslim behaviour in the Middle East. Think about Muslim behaviour in the European Union. Think about how Muslims behave towards Israel.

If you feel Ms. Gabriel is correct, think again about Israel. Israel is on the front line in a war against a jihadi Muslim mindset which abhors all things Jewish--and all things 'Western'. 

In that war, Israel must make many uncomfortable decisions to protect itself. Some of these decisions are not pretty. With every such uncomfortable decision, Israel's enemies distort fact to manipulate your humanitarian outrage against Israel--to demonize, criminalize and isolate Israel. They use your so-called Western humanitarianism as just another tool in their drive to destroy Israel. 

Muslims behave as Ms Gabriel explained: they use a nation's (or, a Western world's) own rules and beliefs to make sure they gain the upper hand in their battle against the 'infidel'. 

Certainly, Muslim leaders next door to Israel who want to destroy Israel have already declared they will not protect Jews' right should they take over Israel (Oren Dorell, "PLO ambassador says Palestinian state should be free of Jews", usatoday, September 18, 2011). Most Israelis have no illusion about what would happen to them should the Palestinian Authority grow strong enough to conquer Israel.

Many in Israel understand what jihad wants to accomplish. We have seen enough of Hamas, Fatah and Mahmoud Abbas to understand what Ms Gabriel means. We have seen too many youtube videos about what Arabs learn in UNRWA schools to believe they want peace. We have seen too many Arab headlines from the website, Palestinian Media Watch, to see a Muslim take-over as anything but toxic

Israel's Left ignores the poison of Islamic jihad. It ignores the Jew-hate that surrounds Israel. Some Israeli Leftists believe that all Israel has to do to survive and thrive is to surrender land to those who want to destroy us--and then elect a non-Jew to protect us. 

I think that's wrong. I think it's suicidal. 

Personally, I think Israel's Left is most definitely clueless.

What do you think?

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