Friday, January 1, 2016

The new year, 2016--and the Justice of measure-for-measure

The year 2015 has officially ended. It ended with news headlines about terror against the West. 

In the US, New York worried about a New Year's eve terror attack (Patrick Frye, "New Year's eve 2016: New York Times Square terror attack by ISIS is 'very credible', FBI arrests NY Daesh cell", inquisitr, December 31, 2015). To prevent a Times Square attack, New York police announced it would jam 6,000 police officers into the night's Times Square celebration (Jason Hanna, "Security and terrorism: jittery backdrops to New Year's Eve around the world", cnn, December 31, 2015). 

In the UK, police mobilized over fears of a New Year's terror attack (Karen Rockett, "New Year's Eve terror fears as 2,000 armed officers have leave cancelled to protect London,", mirror, December 31, 2015). 

In Germany, Munich police went on alert over potential terror attack (Chris Richards, "Munich terror attack warning: Cops ask residents to avoid crowds and railway stations", mirror, December 31, 2015). 

In France, the French suffered from a revelation that its response to Islamic terror has been less than competent (Adam Nossiter, "Response to Paris attacks points to weaknesses in French Police structure", NewYorkTimes, December 31, 2015). 

In Brussels, Belgium, New Year's eve celebrations were cancelled altogether (cnn, above). The police weren't willing to face the risk of an attack.

Police and security officials around the world know that 2016 will bring them an Islamic terror challenge. They understand they face a battle to keep their citizens safe from Islamic terror. They're worried.

They should be worried: in 2015, ISIS (the main--but not only--source of Islamic terror) left the Middle East. It went global. 'ISIS goes global' was the top news story for 2015 (Danielle Abreu, Asher Klein, "2015 in review: 15 stories that dominated the news", usnewsandworldreports, December 24, 2015).

The number two top news story for 2015 was 'Europe's migrant crisis' (ibid). One consequence of this crisis has already appeared in Germany where, as a result of the Muslim 'refugee' tsunami, German citizens have rushed to acquire weapons to protect themselves and their families. In cities and towns across Germany, there's been a nationwide spike in what's been called 'migrant-driven crime' (Soeren Kern, "Germans stock up on weapons for self-defense", gatestoneinstitute, December 21, 2015). The guns are to fight that crime (ibid). 

Germany isn't alone. All of Europe worries about the impact of so many Muslim migrants flooding into their towns and cities.

Now, 2016 begins. It begins with this Islamic terror 'introduction'. If anything, 2016 looks like a year that will bring to the West more Islamic terror, not less. 

Islam brings an enormous challenge to the West. Is the West ready for this challenge? 

If the West is to win against Islamic terror, it has to confront it with 'eyes wide open'. Will the West do that?

Not in 2016, it won't. 

Right now, the West isn't ready for this challenge. In fact, the entire world isn't ready, which means that there'll be no leadership to take the helm and guide us in the fight we face (Ian Bremmer, "The Absence of Global leadership will shape a tumultuous 2016", Time, December 21, 2015). 

To give you a sense of the challenge the West faces, a reader has sent me a meme. This picture-with-added-words illustrates how the West's most powerful leader starts the new year. It suggests how the West's greatest power sees the greatest challenge civilized man will face in 2016: 

Image source: New York Post via Drudge Report

This picture makes you feel real confident, right?

I suggest two things to you: first, Islamic war against the West will spread because the leader of the civilized world refuses to see the problem; and, second, Israel will end up being viewed as the only nation in the world capable of putting a dent into ISIS.

The EU will suffer because it's opened its doors to its own destruction. The US will suffer because it's leader will not even acknowledge the existence of Islam-inspired terror. The civilized world will suffer because the leaders of the civilized world will not or cannot act (Time, above).

This is all part of the Story of the Final Jewish Redemption. Part of that Story is about how the Christianized West will be punished, measure-for-measure, for its centuries of religion-inspired hatred of Jews. History begins to teach us that this measure-for-measure punishment will come from Islamic terror, whose own religion-inspired hatred of the West will become the modern 'bubonic plague' that will devastate the Christianized West.

Stay tuned. The wheels of Justice grind slowly, but finely. After centuries of anti-Jew hate, every Jew-killing will be punished. Every act of Jew-hate will be accounted for. 

It will all be done measure-for-measure. Is 2016 the year this Justice begins?

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