Monday, January 18, 2016

America: how modern Nazis confront your children

In late 1938, less than a year before the beginning of World War Two, a German Nazi student newspaper ran a triumphant headline: "The goal is achieved! No more Jews at German Universities” (Die Bewegung, 1938, as reported by Bela Bodo in "The Role of Antisemitism in the Expulsion of non-Aryan Students, 1933-1945",  The Shoah Resource Center, Yad Vashem Studies, XXX, Jerusalem 2002, p 189). That Nazi-era story hailed German university students as the vanguard of Nazism at Germany's institutions of higher learning. The story boasted that students had been leading the growth of antisemitism at German universities since before 1933. Their Jew-hate efforts, they claimed, had been successful. They proclaimed that they had made an important contribution to the creation of the 'Nazi 'University' in the Third Reich (ibid).

Today, we see that same kind of student drive on college campuses all across the USA. The stated goal (peace) is different. But the Jew-hate pressure and the Nazi imagery are the same.

The celebration of Hitler has returned. Jew-hate spreads. The drive to rid universities of Jews once again pressures young Jews. 

But this new Nazism is different from the old Nazism. It's more virulent. 

Today, the drive to 'expel' Jews isn't just aimed at Jews. The concept of 'expulsion' has now expanded to include Israel.

Take a look at what your Jewish children will see on many US college campuses. Please note that all of these pictures were downloaded on January 18, 2016 as contemporary images (which probably means to include the years 2000-2015):

courtesy of truthrevolt

courtesy of jewhatredoncampus

Courtesy of cameroncampus

courtesy of theblot
coutesy of jfedsrq

courtesy of  mosaicmagazine

courtesy of adl

courtesy of  jeffreysalkin

courtesy of  adl

courtesy of beforeitsnews

courtesy of hercampus

campus BDS 3
courtesy of  Miriam Elman, "Fighting the hate: when does anti-Israel become anti-Semitic?", legalinsurrection, January 16, 2016

The following video is 29:33 long. It's called, "Crossing the Line 2: the new face of anti-Semitism on campus". It was made by JerusalemU. It was first published on youtube on February 25, 2015. 

It details the problem brewing beneath the images you have seen above. Watch as much as you wish. But do watch some of it.

Nazi-style Jew-hate doesn't exist 'someplace else'. It exists for real for you who remain in America. It threatens your children. It threatens you.

Yes, as you saw in this video, Jews in America do stand up to fight for Israel. But America is not what it used to be. America is no longer the 'golden medina' for the Jewish people.

America changes. It turns to Nazi-style Jew-hate. 

Make aliyah. Come to Israel. This is your home. It's where you belong. 

This is not America. This is where you become one with your own people. This is where you come when you want to stand up to Nazis. This is where you will not be alone in that fight.

This is where you can fight with pride against the hate that will not go away. This is where you can be proud to be a Jew. This is where you will not be shouted down. 

Israel lives. It exists for you. Come now.

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