Monday, January 25, 2016

BDS vs Israel: you must choose. Choose wisely

(Last updated: January 26, 2016)

Life is made up of choices.  Our choices determine what happens to us. 

Generally, speaking, good choices lead to good results. Bad choices lead to bad results.

One choice you are being asked to make involves the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement. Will you make the right choice?

BDS wants you to fight Israel. It wants you to stop doing business with Israel. It wants you to boycott all things 'Israel'.

BDS doesn't tell you outright that it wants to destroy Israel. It knows you might not like that. Instead, it asks if you will support 'justice'. 

'Justice' is good. 'Justice' will bring peace. If you believe in 'justice', BDS will tell you, you should help it 'liberate' 'Palestine' from Israel's evil 'occupation'. You believe in 'justice', don't you? 

If you do a little research, you'll discover what BDS means by 'justice'. Its not the same justice your parents taught you. 

For BDS, 'justice' means destroying the Jewish state. It means driving out all of Israel's Jews. It means replacing Israel with an Arab-only 'Palestine'.

For BDS, 'justice' means killing Jews. It means ethnic cleansing.

Killing Jews is genocide. Ethnic cleansing is a war crime. For BDS, 'justice' means committing genocide and war crimes.

BDS does not want peace. It wants to destroy the world's only Jewish state. It wants you to help do that because it wants you to help create the world's 58th Islamic state.

That's not 'justice'. Justice is protecting the minority, not killing it off in order to expand a majority.

The three short videos below tell you just a little about the Israel BDS wants to destroy. Watch the videos. Then, when you're asked to join the BDS war against Israel, think about these videos.

This first video  is 5:11 minutes.  It was completed in 2010. It's called 'Israel water technologies'. 

This second video, while a little 'salesy', captures the energy and vitality of Israel's innovation culture. It's only 2:11 minutes.

The third and final video is 4:48 minutes. It's about West Virginia.

In January, 2016, Israel was ranked as one of the 'best countries' in the world according to a new survey by US News and World Reports ("Israel ranked as world's 8th most powerful country”, Arutz Sheva, January 24, 2016). The survey questioned more than 16,000 people world-wide to compile its results (ibid). Israel ranked 25th best country in the world, partly because of what you have just seen in these three videos.

The 'Best Countries' list contains 60 country names. No other Middle East country appears in the top 25 ("US News unveils 2016 Best Countries Rankings", 'Overall best countries ranking',, January 20, 2016). 

The Palestinian Authority is not a country. It's not a sound governing entity. It's not a 'best country' candidate. It faces financial collapse (Michael Jansen, "Palestinian Authority facing financial collapse", Irishtimes, February 23, 2015).  

As the second video above suggests, Israel helps to save lives. As the first video suggests, Israel's water technologies help to save lives. The third video suggests that Israel helps to save communities, too.

The Palestinian Authority doesn't offer such life-saving assistance. Neither does BDS. In fact, BDS doesn't want to save anything. It wants to destroy. It lives to destroy Israel.

BDS wants you to help replace the Jewish Israel with an Arab-only 'Palestine'. In contrast to the Israel you have just seen, the current Palestinian leadership is undemocratic, unfree and incapable of managing an economically-independent state.  The Palestinian Authority contributes nothing to your health, safety or well-being.  

'Palestinians' do not call America to offer aid and assistance during a time of emergency. They doesn't send disaster aid teams to Haiti, Greece, Nigeria, Japan or the Philippines ("Israel on the frontline of international aid", Israel's humanitarian aid efforts, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign policy, worldwide aid, no date).'Palestinians' have nothing to offer.

The Palestinian Authority has very limited interests. It appears to have only one interest: it lusts for the Jewish Israel. As the website Palestinian Media Watch demonstrates, the PA lusts to spill Jewish blood.

If you help destroy Israel,you help to replace it with an enterprise dedicated to Islamic supremacy. That supremacy will bring oppression, brutality, genocide and ethnic cleansing to the world. 

It will bring no new water technologies. It will bring no new medical advances. It will bring no new productivity ideas.

The choice is yours. 

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