Sunday, January 17, 2016

Come to Israel. See the wonders

This is a picture story. 

It's about an Israel you 

might not know.

This could be 
an important story because, 

when you read about Israel, 
you can easily forget 

that Israel 
a real place.

You can forget that Israel 
is more than a land

where dispute and hate dominate.

Israel is not just a 'place'. It's not just a desert. 

It's something more.

It's a geographic kaleidoscope.  It's got a 

beauty and variety that's spell-binding.

The physical beauty of
this Israel suggests the Presence  

of a  Spiritual Power. 

Here's a very quick look at the real Israel--

from its snow-capped
to the hot sting of a sea of salt to 
the breath-taking Beauty of  HaShem's fingerprint 
on earth.

This is the Israel you've heard about: 

Courtesy of

This, too, is the Israel you know: 

Courtesy of Times of Israel

But then, these images are also pictures of Israel:

Central Golan Heights After the Rain
Central Golan Heights after a rain. Courtesy of  Israelvideonetwork

The Golan: Courtesy of israel21c

The Kinneret: Courtesy of kingdavidtours

The Jezreel Valley

desert farmland. Courtesy of eng.negev-net

Euclidean geometry, Jezreel valley : Stock Photo
The Jezreel Valley. Courtesy of

The Kinneret shoreline. no source listed.

Hula Valley: Courtesy of creativejewishmom

The Judean Hills. Courtesy of Israel-tour-guide

Southern end of Dead Sea
Courtesy of   Israeli Ministry of Tourism,

Jerusalem Area 008
The Herodian. Ancient summer palace of King Herod (74-73 BCE-4 CE).  Courtesy of   Israeli Ministry of Tourism, 

Netanya 006
A view of the Mediterranean at Netanya. Israeli Ministry of Tourism,

Bike ride.  Courtesy of   Israeli Ministry of Tourism,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Negev - wild life 3.jpg
Israeli family, the Negev. Photo by Dafna Tal,  Courtesy of Israeli Ministry of Tourism,

005_Itamar Grinberg Archeological Rujm el hiri
Photo by Itamar Grinberg. An archaeological site often called Israel's 'stonehenge'. Courtesy of Israeli Ministry of Tourism,

Golan 012
Israel's Mt Hermon. Courtesy of Israeli Ministry of Tourism,

Tourists flock to Israel: the Hula Valley. Courtesy of

The Golan Heights: green farmland and snow-capped mountains. Courtesy of  petra-trip,com

This is Israel's 'Grand Canyon'. But it isn't a canyon. it's a machtesh. What's the difference between a canyon and a machtesh? Look it up!!!! Courtesy of  jerusalemhillsdailyphotoblogspot

The view from Mt Carmel. Courtesy of  tyulim.blogspot

Finally, whenever you think about Israel, please remember that there are just two reasons for Israel's success. The first reason is, HaShem protects what He loves. The second reason for Israel's success is perhaps more mundane:

Winter in Israel

Courtesy of Israel TV Channel2

Come home to Israel. It's beautiful. It's unique. It's yours.

It's a gift from HaShem--forever.

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