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Israel's Left: human rights justifies murder

On Thursday-Friday, January 7-8, 2016, an Israeli TV program called, 'Uvda' ('fact), carried an investigative report about a strongly anti-Israel (Leftist) human rights NGO called, B'Tselem. B'tselem claims that it champions "human rights in the West Bank and Gaza Strip"" (homepage, B'tselem).  It claims it’s been working for more than two decades to promote "a future where all Israelis and Palestinians will live in freedom and dignity" (ibid).

B'tselem's calls itself, "The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied territories" (ibid). It began its work in 1989 (ibid). It claims to promote human dignity (ibid).

Pro-Israel advocates have problems with how B'tselem promotes its ‘human dignity’. For example, a report recently appeared critical of B'tselem volunteers ("B'tselem volunteers seem to be less than credible", elderofzyion, January 4, 2016). These ‘workers’ often can’t be trusted. Sometimes, the ‘proof’ they present (that Israel violates 'Palestinian' human rights) is less than compelling. Some volunteers are not disinterested, objective observers; they’re known advocates of terror. B’tselem has even relied on at least one Holocaust denier (ibid).

Can you trust their reports? Is their reporting objective? Even a liberal Israeli says, no (Varda Epstein, “Matti Friedman: B’Tselem Has Lost Its Way If Not Its Mind”, israellycool, March 19, 2015).

In another essay, this time from 2009, the website cameraoncampus captured what has turned out to be the modus operandi of B'tselem. This essay opened with this description: 

"On Jan. 17, 2002, Abdul Salaam Sadek Hassouneh of Nablus burst into a bat mitzvah celebration at a Hadera reception hall, shooting dead six and injuring 35 before Israeli security forces ended the bloodbath by killing him.

But Hassouneh has another, lesser known claim to notoriety. He was the first of several Palestinian terrorists killed while attacking Israelis to appear that year in B’Tselem’s list of “Palestinian civilians killed by Israeli security forces” (emphasis added)" ("B'tselem--accurate and credible?", cameraoncampus, vol 19, number 1, Spring 2009).

B'tselem has been operating with this ‘standard' ever since. It hasn't wavered in its apparent desire to misrepresent and demonize Israel.

Now, a new story has emerged--that investigative report on Israeli TV (above). It seems that B'tselem doesn't just misrepresent Israel. It doesn’t always do ‘Human Rights’ work. At times, it will hand Arabs over to Palestinian Authority for torture and murder—justified, of course, as part of its fight for 'Palestinian dignity'.

This investigative report features a Right-wing mole who had placed himself in an organization called, Taayush, a Jewish-Arab Leftist Human Rights organization that advocates for ‘Palestinian’ Human Rights (“'Human Rights' organizations @taayush and @btselem turn 'Palestinian' land seller over to 'Palestinian Security Services' for torture", israelmatzav, January 8, 2016). The mole recorded a conversation between Ezra Nawi, the Jewish leader of Taayush, and an Arab land owner who wished to sell land to Jews.

Nawi met with the land seller in the mole's presence. Nawi then conspired with a B’tselem 'Palestinian' activist named Nasser Nawajeh. Both Nawi and Nawajeh conspired to turn the land seller over for 'investigation' by the 'Palestinian security services (ibid). For such an Arab, ‘investigation’ means torture and death (ibid). Nawi was recorded as “saying that he helps Palestinian authorities find and kill Palestinians who sell land to Jews” (“Israeli Activist Says He Helps Kill Palestinians Who Sell Land to Jews”, forward, January 8, 2016).

Think about what this means: a European-financed 'Palestinian Human Rights organization' facilitates the torture and murder of Arabs for wanting to sell land to a Jew. That’s not how ‘human rights’ is supposed to work.

If only one Arab was killed in this way, his death undercuts the supposed higher morality of the entire humanitarian/Human Rights movement in Israel. How could any Human Rights devotee conspire to commit murder-for-human-rights? 

The problem is, more than one Arab has been killed for this reason (israelmatzav, ibid). Human Rights in Israel is not what you think it is.

Human Rights is supposed to be about the freedom to determine one’s own fate. It’s supposed to be about creating for humanity safety from harm (Universal Declaration of Human Rights).

Ezra Nawi and his Arab associate, B’Tselem activist Nasser Nawaj’ah, aren’t some air-head volunteers who, as you’ve seen above, often taint the morality of ‘Human Rights’ work in Israel (israelmatzav, ibid). These two are left-wing stars (ibid). They’ve been part of the anti-settlement movement in Israel for decades (ibid). They should know better.

That they don’t know better speaks volumes about the treachery and hypocrisy of the ‘Human Rights’ movement in Israel. As if to make sure we understand what the Left in Israel really is all about, the ‘golden boy’ of Israel’s Left, Gideon Levy, has proudly declared, regarding this practice of handing over Arabs for torture, it is ‘a badge of honour’ for the Left to do that (ibid).

This is why the Left in Israel should be rejected. If it resorts to conspiracy to commit murder in order to achieve its goals, it should also be outlawed.

Israel’s Left has been consistent for decades: it doesn’t stand for peace, freedom or human safety. As this investigative report suggests, Israel’s Left stands only for doing whatever it takes to destroy the Jewish State.

Some of us have known this for years. Now the whole world knows.

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  1. Tuvia - the whole world doesn't know this & will not. What makes you think this will be reported outside the Jewish Press?