Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Why Destroy Israel? It saves too many lives

The anti-Israel movement has become the front line for Jew-hate (Simon Plosker, “Anti-Semitism and Terror Flags on Display at London Anti-Israel Demo”, HonestReporting, September 10, 2015). The anti-Israel industry has made Jew-hate acceptable.

That’s why it’s okay for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement to call for economic war against Israel. It’s okay to wage economic war against Israel (Nitsan Keidar, “EP [European Parliament] Decides to Label Golan, Judea and Samaria Products”, Arutz Sheva, September 10, 2015).

It’s also okay to demonize Israel (Rachel Avraham, “Goal of the BDS Movement: Delegitimize Israel”, UnitedwithIsrael, July 10, 2013). It’s okay to call for the destruction of Israel (Ari Yashar, “Iran's 'Death to Israel Day' Coincides with Nuke Deal Deadline”, Arutz Sheva, July 8, 2015). It’s okay to call for the killing of Jews (“Austrian Prosecutor: Call to Kill Jews is Legitimate Form of Protesting Against Israel”, TheTower, February 12, 2015).

It’s okay to want to destroy Israel.

There are more than fifty Muslim states in the world. There’s only one Jewish state. But for some, that’s one Jewish state too many.

Iran wants to annihilate the Jewish state (Stuart Winer and Marissa Newman, “Iran supreme leader touts 9-point plan to destroy Israel”, Times of Israel, November 10, 2014). Hamas wants to destroy the Jewish state (“The Covenant of the Hamas—Main points”,, no date). The Islamic Mufti of Jerusalem wants to kill Jews within that Jewish state (Daniel Siryoti and Shlomo Cesana, “Israel to probe Jerusalem mufti's call to kill Jews”, Israel Hayom, January 22, 2012).

Many NGO’s (non-government organizations) want the same thing. They’re funded by nations, international unions, church groups and human rights organizations. They work to defame Israel. They work to destroy Israel (Denis MacEoin, “The NGO Campaign to Destroy Israel”, gatestone institute, July 17, 2015).

How does Israel respond? Instead of spitting hate, it saves lives.

Whenever a major natural disaster hits a nation, Israel doesn’t just send canned food or bottled water. It sends unique state-of-the art field hospitals (staffed by Israelis), equipped with innovative therapies, medical devices and technologies developed to help serve the injured in out-of-the way, often hard-to-reach places (Maya Yarowsky, “How Israeli Life-Saving Tech Is Leading Rescue Efforts In Nepal”, nocamels, April 30, 2015). Israel brings to these devastated locations breakthrough ideas including, for example, something called, ‘powered plasma’, an Israeli invention that allows for infinite supplies of blood that don’t need to be refrigerated (ibid)—a blessing in places where electricity has been cut.

But these unique, high-tech hospitals aren’t the only Jewish life-saving medical miracles from Israel. Israel’s a major medical innovator. It's got more than 1,000 companies doing Research and Development for healthcare and life science products (Abigale Klein Leichman, “The top 12 most amazing Israeli medical advances”, israel21c, October 15, 2013).

Here’s a short list of some of Israel’s latest life-saving miracles:

-specialized robotics to help paraplegics stand, walk, climb stairs--and participate in a 26-mile marathon;

-the world’s first ‘pillcam’, a camera the size and shape of a pill, swallowed as part of an endoscopic exam;

-specialized drugs to prevent deadly infections in patients with compromised immune systems (“Once Again, Israeli Discoveries Promise Medical Breakthrough”, unitedwithisrael, January 12, 2015), and to treat Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Type 1 Gaucher's disease and a variety of cancers;

-a breakthrough discovery that would allow early detection, and possibly prevention, of colon and uterine cancers (ibid);

-a system to correct severe curvature of the spine (scoliosis) that minimizes risks, scar size, complications, recovery time and cost (Leichman, above, ibid);

-stem-cell therapy products to treat blood cancers, solid tumors, autoimmune diseases, genetic metabolic diseases and non-malignant blood diseases such as sickle-cell anemia (ibid);

-a technique to remove benign breast lumps in a 10-minute ultrasound-guided procedure that penetrates the tumor and engulfs it with ice (ibid)—a treatment that can be done in a doctor’s office;

-a unique, FDA-approved single-use needle for painless delivery of vaccines into the skin using semiconductor technology (ibid);

-a blood-flow diverter to redirect blood flow from a brain aneurysm (a bulge in a weak artery wall), so that a stable clot can form, thereby reducing the danger that a potentially fatal aneurysm could rupture (ibid);

According to at least one estimate, perhaps as much as half the world’s population has had its lifespan extended in one way or another by a variety of Israeli innovations (Michael Ordman, “If it wasn’t for Israel you might not be alive”, Jerusalem Post, January 5, 2012). These innovations include new cancer treatments, new medical advances, humanitarian aid (that high-tech field hospital, above, for example) and extraordinary agricultural innovations (ibid).

For example, across the globe, a growing number of nations face a spreading water crisis that threatens life and food-production. Israel--a desert environment--has a water surplus.

Israel is the world’s first water superpower (Abigail Klein Leichman, “Israel holds solutions to world water crisis”, Israel21c, September 16, 2015). Israel has developed advanced irrigation technologies, dual-flush toilets, seawater desalination, advanced wastewater treatment and reuse, drought-resistant seeds, cutting-edge metering and leak-detection systems (ibid). Already, 150 countries have turned to Israel for help managing water shortages (ibid).

Israel saves lives. It horrifies the anti-Israel movement to consider how many lives Israel saves.

They hate Israel. They want you to believe the world will be far better off with (G-d forbid) no Israel (Josef Joffe, “A world without Israel,” foreignpolicy, October 22, 2009).

They’re wrong. Without Israel, tens of millions would die each year.

Go ahead. Join the Jew-hate. Throw away you cell phones, computers, video cams, heart medicine, GPS apps, cancer treatments, diabetes treatments, water supply technologies, etc.

Demand that Israel be erased! Join the call to kill Jews!

You’ll create a New World. After a while, you’ll be able to call that New World, ‘The New Dark Ages’.

The G-d of Israel has a Story for you. It’s the Story of the Final Jewish Redemption. Do you doubt that Israel’s miracles are part of that Story?

Stay tuned.

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