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Does Obama+Iran = treason+genocide?

Here’s an essay that may require a strong stomach to read. It’s “Obama’s Genocidal Treason”, frontpagemag, September 24, 2015, by essayist Daniel Greenfield. I’ve edited it.

I want you to tell me what you think of it:

“No government has the blood of more American soldiers on its hands today than the government of Iran. From Lebanon to Afghanistan to Saudi Arabia to Iraq, Iran has been killing American soldiers for decades.

241 in Beirut. 19 at the Khobar Towers. Over 500 in Iraq and Afghanistan. The last time the United States officially fought Iran was under Reagan. But Iran has never stopped killing Americans. There’s no reason to believe that this killing will stop once Iran has the nuclear weapons that Obama is helping it obtain.

The last time left-wing radicals helped an open enemy of the United States go nuclear, they were put on trial. The sentencing judge at the time said that because “the nature of Russian terrorism is now self-evident” it was now impossible to claim no harm had been done.

“I believe your conduct in putting into the hands of the Russians the A-bomb years before our best scientists predicted Russia would perfect the bomb has already caused, in my opinion, the Communist aggression in Korea, with the resultant casualties exceeding 50,000 and who knows but that millions more of innocent people may pay the price of your treason. Indeed, by your betrayal you undoubtedly have altered the course of history to the disadvantage of our country,” Judge Kaufman stated. 

These words of the Rosenberg verdict apply equally well to Obama’s betrayal on Iran. What the Rosenbergs did for Stalin, Obama does for the Ayatollah Khamenei.

Obama’s dirty nuclear deal with Iran has already empowered Iran’s aggression across the region. The more concessions Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry have made, the more aggressive Iran has become.

If Iran is allowed to go nuclear, its aggression will become much worse and much more devastating.

This isn’t a Chamberlain story. It’s Vidkun Quisling and Philippe Pétain.

It’s not bad judgment. It’s treason.

Obama doesn't appease Iran; he sympathizes with its anti-American grievances. As he told his negotiators, Iran’s rulers feel “vulnerable” because of how America “meddled” in “their democracy” and that its anti-Americanism is a “defensive” reaction to “avoid repeats of the past.”

Obama identifies with the anti-American resentments of Muslim terrorists instead of the suffering of their victims. His foreign policy has been based on empowering the enemies of the United States to turn their grievances into a “defense” against American influence and intervention. He has done it from Cuba to Iran, backing Communist and Muslim Brotherhood tyrants. But his Iranian deal is his bloodiest crime.

An Iranian nuclear bomb isn’t just a weapon. It’s an instrument of genocide. It’s an existential threat to our civilization. The spies who helped the USSR go nuclear weren’t just passing along information about a weapon; they transformed a military conflict into a permanent global crisis in which the very fate of humanity rested on the whims of brutal aging ideologues in Moscow.

By clearing Iran’s path to the bomb, Obama has transformed the slow conflicts of conventional terrorism into a catastrophic civilizational crisis. An Iranian nuclear bomb will not sneak up on us the way that the demographic crisis of Muslim migration and its accompanying terrorism have. It will not be an incremental problem. A nuclear arms race between Sunnis and Shiites in which terrorists on both sides wield nuclear weapons will make the entire structure of Western civilization unsustainable.

9/11 saw a few jets used to devastate a city. The next wave of weapons will kill millions, not thousands.

The traitors who turned the USSR into a power capable of destroying the world were motivated by the same hidden agenda as the proponents of the Iran nuclear deal. They believed that an American nuclear monopoly would lead to arrogance and warmongering. They were convinced that American power had to be checked.

Those who have opened the nuclear gates to Tehran today believe that a nuclear Iran will be a deterrent against American imperialism. Their number includes Barack Obama.

After having failed with the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama intends to make Iranian power into a deterrent against future military interventions by a Republican successor. If he can get “Tehran Joe” Biden, a notorious sympathizer of the Iran Lobby, to watch the store while Iran goes nuclear, Iran will dominate the region the way that the Soviet Union dominated Eastern Europe.

Obama’s terrorist treason gambles that Iran will be “rational”. He gambles that Iran’s leaders will be Khrushchevs, political and cautious, rather than Stalins, willing to kill millions for a murderous ideology.

Leftist appeasers of Iran, in and out of the administration, obsessively cling to the belief that the Islamic regime in Iran is rational. They rationalize their treason by insisting that Iran’s leaders and fevered mobs don’t really mean it when they shriek, “Death to America”.

If Iran’s leader did mean it, Obama and his friends could be accessories to genocide.

Obama’s Iran pathway has rationalized treason at every step, made every compromise seem inevitable and reasonable, and minimized the final catastrophic betrayal by presenting his version of a nuclear Iran as the only possible choice. Like Benedict Arnold, he whittled away all other options except defeat or treason so as to make the latter seem like the sensible and patriotic choice.

Stalin’s nuclear traitors used the same logic.  By rationalizing each betrayal as the only alternative to war, they forced us to raise our children under a shadow of nuclear annihilation.  

Obama has done the same thing. He’s betrayed America. He’s betrayed the American victims of Iranian terror. He’s betrayed American soldiers who were murdered, maimed and tortured by Iran’s terrorist armies. He’s betrayed hundreds of millions of Americans in the homeland who will now be forced to raise their children under the shadow of Iran’s nuclear terror.

For the first time since the end of the Cold War, Obama makes the mass murder of millions of Americans by a vicious enemy possible once again.

This US president has impoverished millions of Americans. He has the blood of soldiers and police officers on his hands. But his final legacy may be far worse—a collaboration in acts of mass murder that would rival Adolf Hitler”.

These are very, very strong words. Is this essayist correct?
Has Barack Obama committed treason? Does such treason open the door to genocide against America?
You'll have to decide for yourself.
(you can read the original at the website frontpagemag)

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