Friday, September 18, 2015

In America, it’s now the ‘f---ing Jews’

In America, Jews are a minority. They’re not Christian.  They’re often pro-Israel. How does that sit with America’s mainstream media (msm)?

That’s a tough question. One reason it’s so difficult to answer is the nature of today’s media.

Modern media is no longer a reliable news source. It doesn’t tell the truth. It’s become a propaganda machine.

It doesn’t digest the news for your benefit. It cooks the news, the better to manipulate you.  

It shapes the news. It manages the news according to the point of view it believes readers want to—or should--see.

As in war, the first casualty in such a ‘news process’ is truth. Objective news isn’t a goal—that won’t shape how readers think.  What’s important today is the ‘narrative’ you see; when a provider can shape the news to that ‘narrative’, it has the power to create a readership that loves every (predictable) word it writes.  

If the provider can make the news riveting—with a bad guy you can boo—prospects for success jump: readers love a good story.

That’s how America’s msm uses Israel and the Jews—to shape a story. Israel and the Jews don’t exist to tell the world the truth about Muslim Jew-hate. It uses Israel and the Jews to sell a predictable ‘narrative’ about bad versus good, Israel versus Arab.

The narrative is almost always the same. Israel is the bad guy, always harming others; Jews are a threat, always, in some way, manipulative, controlling others.

We saw this narrative—and its ugly consequence--at work at a CNN Republican Presidential candidate debate on Wednesday night, September 16, 2015. According to the ratings, the debate was a ‘smash hit’ (Matt Wilstein, “CNN Debate Gives Network Its Highest Ratings Ever”, mediaite. com, September 17, 2015).

As millions watched (ibid), several candidates referred to Israel in positive terms. These repeated references offended one of America’s ‘star pundits’, Conservative Ann Coulter. While Republican candidates reaffirmed their support for Israel in their closing statements, Coulter tweeted, “how many f—king Jews do these people think there are in the United States?” (Karol Markowicz, “How Ann Coulter Made It Kosher To Hate Jews”, forward, September 17, 2015). Her comment supposedly caused an uproar. It didn’t.

Instead, it brought out pro-Coulter defenders, many of them echoing two ideas:  (1)“Lots of people agree with her. She should stand tough and not grovel before the kikes. Kikes don't care what you call them as long as they're making money. The more the kikes bitch, the more people turn against them” (“Ann Coulter has her Mel Gibson moment,” vnnforum, September 17, 2015); and, (2) “Coulter has a strong enough following to do a Glenn Beck and start her own media empire” (ibid).  

The next day (Thursday, September 17, 2015), Coulter assessed the supposed uproar she’d caused. She tweeted, “Boy were they wrong @ Jewish influence! I complained about pandering on Israel (Reagan & abortion) & haven’t heard a thing about it!” (Markowicz, ibid).

Coulter says she likes Jews—and Israel (ibid). But her comment about ‘f—king Jews’ didn’t suggest that. It suggested what her many defenders revealed: Jew-hate, Israel-bashing and Holocaust-denial.

It was ugly. She’d used her position as a public professional to open an extremely dangerous door (virulent anti-Semitism).

Her comment hardly caused a blip on the news. USA Today said her comment received (only) ‘mixed results’ (Mary Bowerman, “Ann Coulter rants about 'Jews' and Israel during GOP debate”, September 17, 2015). A search on the New York Times site came up blank. Ditto for the Washington Post.

Coulter used gutter language to vilify Jews. No one cared. But when Donald Trump didn’t verbally attack a questioner at a campaign stop the day after the CNN debate, msm went nuts. Trump’s non-attack against a man who called US President Barack Obama a Muslim was termed ‘racist’ (Josh Feldman, “DNC Pounces on Trump Muslim Question Uproar: His 'Racism Knows No Bounds'”, mediaite, September 17, 2015). He was called ‘gutless (Josh Feldman, “Anderson Cooper Trashes Trump: Didn't Have 'Guts' to Rebuke Anti-Muslim 'Loudmouth'”, mediate, September 17, 2015).

In the firestorm that followed his non-response to the Muslim reference, Trump was thoroughly raked over the coals (Josh Feldman, “Matthews Rips Trump's 'Racist Crap' After Rally Question About Getting Rid of Muslims”, mediaite, September 17, 2015). But, you may notice, when Ann Coulter referred to Jews as ‘f—king Jews’, no one in the media rushed to accuse her of anything.

American Jews, beware. Muslims are protected. They’re off limits. But you’ve just been re-classified. You’re no longer ‘Jews’. You’re now, ‘f—king Jews’.

If you’ve ever been assaulted on the street by a Jew-hating thug, you understand clearly what those two words really, really mean.

Are you listening?

Here’s some advice: pick up, pack up and come home. Israel wants you. Increasingly now, America doesn’t.

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  1. I was appalled by Ms. Coulter's inexcusable and disgusting "tweets". .
    She obviously fails to understand the biblical mandate given by Almighty God concerning His chosen nation and people: "I will bless thee who bless you and curse them that curse or use insolent language against you." Genesis 12:3
    There are many Christian Americans who do believe this and whom are standing with the nation and the people of Israel in these dark and perilous times. I am one of them!