Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Arabs and the UN prepare for Yom Kippur

The Jewish Holy Day of Yom Kippur is about choices. Through prayer and repentance, we get the opportunity to choose life.

Humans have choices. Nations have choices. The UN has choices. Through actions, everyone chooses life or death, blessing or curse.

The Arab world chooses. It chooses disintegration. At the very least, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon drown themselves in their own blood. The Palestinian Authority is so corrupt, its own citizens speak of a future ‘Palestine’ as a ‘police state’  (Mudar Zahram, “The Palestinians Are Afraid of Abbas’ State”, Lib Dem Friends of Israel, January 12, 2015).

Arabs don’t choose democracy. They don’t choose freedom. They choose oppression.  

The UN also chooses. It chooses to ignore Arab oppression.

In each of the four Arab countries above, the political choice-du-jour is Islamic terror. It’s a terror that focuses primarily on its own citizens.

The UN doesn’t care. We know it doesn’t care because it doesn’t act against those internal national terror campaigns.

Look at the war in Syria. Look at Iraq.

The UN has made its choice. It won’t choose life.

The Arab world makes a mockery of the United Nations’ effort to help humanity. The UN says it is dedicated to helping humanity (“The Millennium Development Goals Report, 2015”, un. Org). But Islamic terror kills with a horrifying inhumanity. 

The UN doesn’t care. It does virtually nothing about the   terror. It’s made its choice.

Look at what the Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaims as a right of every human being. Read the list—and you’ll see what Islamic terror takes away from the humanity it controls:

-the right to personal security (Article 3);

-the right not to be enslaved (Article 4);

-the right not to be tortured (Article 5);

-the right to equal protection under the law without discrimination (Article 7);

-freedom from arbitrary arrest, detention or exile (Article 9);

-the right to a full, fair, public, independent and impartial legal hearing for crimes (Article 10);

-the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty (Article 11);

-the right to privacy (Article 12);

-the right to equal rights in a marriage (Article 16);

-the right to retain one’s own property; the right not to be deprived of that property (Article 17);

-the right to practice one’s own religion (Article 18);

-the right to express one’s thoughts freely (Article 19);

-the right to assemble peacefully (Article 20);

-the right to have equal access to public services (Article 21);

-the right to receive equal pay for equal work, without discrimination (Article 23);

-the right to a standard of living adequate for the health (Article 25);

-the right to education (Article 26).

When Sharia law is imposed by Islamic terrorists, virtually every one of these rights is erased. The UN does almost nothing.  

The UN created the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It says it believes in ‘human rights’. It tells the world it’s a bastion for human rights and equality (Joseph E. Katz, “Record of the United Nations, why is it so anti-Israel”, EretzYisroel. Org).

It doesn’t give Israel equality. It demonizes Israel (ibid).

The UN chooses. The one state the UN chooses to vilify repeatedly is the world’s only Jewish state.  

In 2006/7, the UN made a choice for humanity. It created the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC). Through that Council, the UN said it would watch over the world.

In its first year of existence (2007), the UNHRC made a choice. It voted 10 times to condemn, express regret over or otherwise ‘express concern over’ supposed Israeli human rights violations. But it refused to condemn human rights violations in any of the world’s other 191 countries (“Anti-Israel Resolutions at the HRC”, unwatch. org). The UNHRC has made that choice every year.

The UN doesn’t care about helping humankind. It cares only about the Jews.

The UN ignores most of humanity. It ignores most human rights violators.

It cares only about Jews.

Some will say the UN must focus so obsessively on Israel because Israel is such an egregious international ‘criminal’. For example, during the 60-day 2014 Gaza-Israel war the UN cried with anguish over the death of 2,200 ‘civilian’ Gazans, including 540 children. UN ‘humanitarians’ savaged Israel for those deaths.

Meanwhile, some 291 children were killed every month in Syria in 2014 (Rick Gladstone and Mohammad Ghannam, “Syria Deaths Hit New High in 2014, Observer Group Says”, New York Times, January 1, 2015). That means that more children were killed in 60 days in Syria than in the 60-day war in Gaza: In 2014, 3,500 Syrian children were killed (ibid).

The UN didn’t care about those 3,500 children. It cared only about the 540 Gazan children. No one wrung his hands over Syrian children.  

To the UN, Jews are killers. Since its modern reconstitution in 1948, the Jewish state has killed more than 35,000 Muslims. Surely, the Jews should be savaged for those deaths, right?

It doesn’t matter that these Muslims died because they were trying to destroy Israel. What matters is, the Jews killed them.

Question: if those who kill 35,000 between 1948-2008 should be savaged, what should you do with those who killed 11,000,000 in the same time period?

That’s how many Muslims were killed by other Muslims in the same 1948-2008 timeframe (Gunnar Heinsohn and Daniel Pipes, “11 million Muslim-on-Muslim killings since 1948 (Statistics)”, The Muslim Issue, September 24, 2013).

The UN doesn’t care. It chooses to cry over the 35,000 killed by Israel. It chooses to ignore the 11,000,000 killed by Muslims.

The UN chooses to ignore killers of millions. It chooses to demonize Jews who kill because they’ll die if they don’t defend themselves.

Since New Year’s eve 5776 (September 13, 2015), Arabs riot in Jerusalem. They curse Judaism. They attack Jews. They praise Muslims who might be killed rioting against Jews on the Temple Mount as holy ones who will rewarded by the Islamic god (“Abbas: Blood of ‘martyrs’ spilled on Temple Mount is ‘pure’”, Times of Israel, September 17, 2015). Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas welcomes every drop of [Muslim] blood spilled in Jerusalem in their Muslim war against Jews (Video: “'We welcome every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem'”, Israel Matzav, September 22, 2015).

The UN publishes that all humans have the right to freely practice their religion (Article 18, above). But Jews aren’t included in those rights. They must be forbidden from stepping onto their holiest site on earth—because, Muslims declare, Jewish feet are on that holy site are ‘filthy’ (Lea Speyer, “Abbas Vows to Stop “Filthy Feet” of Jews from Stepping Foot on Temple Mount”, breakingIsraelnews, September, 18, 2015). 

On Rosh Hashanna, humans and nations are judged (The Complete ArtScroll Mahzor, Rosh Hashannah, nusach Sefard,Mesorah publications,Brooklyn, NY, 1986, p.454). On Yom Kippur, those judgments are finalized (sealed). For nations, that means he who blesses Israel will be blessed; he who curses Israel will be cursed.

The Arabs and the UN prepare for Yom Kippur.

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