Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Doomsday of Israel's Left--and HaShem

Want to see an optimistic pessimist? Look at Israeli Leftists—and those who support a Leftist political vision for Israel. They believe with great optimism that Israel is doomed.

They believe with great faith in two things. First, HaShem plays no role whatsoever in what happens in Israel; and, second, Israel is doomed if it doesn’t endorse a ‘two state solution’.

These optimists see Israel through a pessimistic prism. They look at numbers and facts—and draw conclusions which, in the long run, prove false.

These anti-Israel Israeli Leftists remind one of what the motivational writer Zig Ziglar is reported to have said about the bumblebee: an engineer can prove to you that a bumblebee cannot fly. Its wings are too short and its body too big. But the bumblebee still flies.

Leftists—and, again, those who support a Leftist vision of Israel—are like the engineers who would deny the bumblebee’s ability to fly. They say Israel is too small to support a Jewish state. Israel has too many Arabs. Israel has too few Jews. Israel is doomed in the future unless it capitulates today.

Leftists conclude that if Israel doesn’t agree to create a new state of ‘Palestine’ out of the Jewish Judea-Samaria, Israel will never remain a democratic, Jewish state (Sergio Della Pergola, as quoted by Ariel Zellman, “The Democratic Challenge”, insp, 2013). Arab birth rates are so much higher than Jewish rates, they argue, Israel is destined to lose its Jewish majority (ibid). Arabs will so outnumber Jews, they’ll simply use the ballot box to take over Israel.

The Left (and its friends) cite World Bank data (ibid) to prove their point. They cite the propagandistic ‘Palestinian Bureau of Statistics’ (“Palestinians Will Outnumber Jews In Israel By 2020″ (NOT)”, israelstreet. org, January 3, 2013). They cite their own Leftist friends (“Palestinians Now Outnumber Jews in Israel/Palestine”, liveleaknews, October 17, 2012).

Poor Israel. If it doesn’t immediately surrender holy Jewish ancestral homeland to those who seek to destroy it, it will destroy itself tomorrow.

This has been a prime Leftist argument for Israel to commit national suicide. Don’t wait to be destroyed by your enemies; take your future into your own hands: destroy yourself now by volunteering to shrink your borders to indefensible borders!

Since few outside the Left accept this Arabs-will-outbirth-you argument, Israel’s Left is trying a new doomsday argument. According to Leftist Alon Tal, it’s not the Arab birth-rate that’ll kill Israel, it’s the combination of both the Arab and the Jewish birth rates that’ll destroy Israel (“Israel's soaring population: Promised Land running out of room?”, Jerusalem Post, September 26, 2015).

The new anti-Israel mantra is no longer ‘birth rate’. It’s ‘population density’.

The argument works like this: today, Israel has a population density of 352 people per square kilometre (ibid). By 2059, that density will increase to (as much as) 880 per square kilometre.

Leftists want you to be frightened. Israel is a small country. This increase in density, they claim, threatens Israel. Israel can’t sustain such a population density (ibid). Israel is “on the road to an ecological, social and quality of life disaster” (ibid).

The Left is frightened by this ‘discovery’. But according to the World Bank’s own numbers (in a survey different from that cited by Israel’s Left), a density of 880 people per square kilometre doesn’t come close to meeting the ‘life-threatening-disaster’ criteria cited by Israel’s Left.

You see, Israel’s future density projection pales beside some current density numbers for countries that also have limited space. But few have written the kind of eulogies for those countries Israel’s Left would write for Israel.

For example, as of 2014, Bahrain has a population density of 1,792 per square kilometre, more than twice that of Israel’s future projection. Bangladesh has a density of 1,222 per sq kilometre. Bermuda has a density of 1,304 per… Hong Kong has a density number of 6,897 per square kilometre, almost eight times greater than the Left’s future projection for Israel.

Then there’s Macao. Its density number is 19, 328 per square kilometre, almost 22 times that of the Left’s Doomsday estimate for Israel.  

Macao is still ‘alive’.

Maldives’ density is 1,191. Malta is 1,136. Monaco is 18,812 (not a misprint).  Singapore has a density of 7,814 per square kilometre.

Israel’s Left isn’t dismayed by such numbers. They’re optimistic. Once Israel’s density reaches 880 per square kilometre, it’ll be doomed.

Actually, they’re right. Israel is doomed—if you don’t believe in HaShem. Israel’s like that bumblebee. It can’t survive. It’s too this; and, worse, it’s too that—just like the bumblebee.

Perhaps that’s why HaShem created the bumblebee—to teach us that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

It’s too bad Israel’s Left rejects HaShem. If it believed in HaShem, it would know why Israel exists, survives and thrives: this is the land of HaShem; this is the Land of miracles.

It’s the land HaShem Himself gave to us. It’s ours, forever.

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