Monday, July 27, 2015

Obama’s legacy: deliver Israel and the world to Islam

US President Hussein Obama has a goal for his Presidency. He seeks a signature accomplishment, one that will be remembered long after he leaves office.  He seeks a legacy.

He’s tried multiple times to create that legacy. But so far, he’s failed every time.

For example, he created a national healthcare plan called, ‘’Obamacare’. But it’s not as cheap as promised. It’s not as comprehensive as promised. It’s not as all-inclusive as promised.

He tried ‘freedom’ in the Middle East by promoting the so-called ‘Arab Spring’. That failed.

He tried peace in the Middle East by hyping a ‘two-state’ solution between the so-called ‘Palestinians’ and Israel based upon 1949 borders for Israel. It failed.

Now, He’s completed a nuclear deal with Iran. He’s selling this deal as a ‘once-in-a-lifetime chance’ to bring stability to the Middle East (Victor Beatle, “Obama: Iran Deal ‘Once-in-a-Lifetime’ Chance”, voa, April 6, 2015). He calls this deal, ‘historic’ (George Jahn and Mattew Lee, “Obama heralds historic Iran nuclear deal”, The Globe and Mail, July 14, 2015). He claims it will make the world safer (Dave Boyer, “Obama says Iran nuke deal will make world safer while Iranians chant ‘death to America’”, Washington Times, July 28, 2015).

His critics don’t agree. They say it won’t make the world safer. It’ll make the world more dangerous (Tom Wilson, “There was a credible alternative to the Iran deal. Obama just chose to ignore it”, The Spectator, July 20, 2015).

They say the deal will give Iran more than 100 billion dollars to spread its terror (Jeff Jacoby, “Iran can buy a lot of terror with $100 billion”, Boston Globe, July 26, 2015). They claim it contains secret agreements that will allow Iran to cheat (Eli Lake and Josh Rogin, “Congress Alarmed by Iran Pact's Secret Understandings”, BloombergView, July 26, 2015).

Obama doesn’t care what his critics say.  He’s happy because, you see, he has a plan.

It’s a two-in-one plan: he will become the man who will spread Islam to the West as no one before him; he will be the man who delivers Israel to Islam (James Lewis, “Obama's Next Move is to Gang up on Israel”, The American Thinker, July 21, 2015).

He will use Iran to do it. Through Iran, he will squeeze the Middle East (Robert Fisk, “Iran nuclear deal: America has taken Iran's side – to the fury of Israel and Saudi Arabia”, independentvoices, July 15, 2015). Through Iran, he will squeeze Israel (Keyan Milanian, “Iran nuclear deal threatens Israel's existence, Benjamin Netanyahu tells President Obama”, express, April 3, 2015). Through Iran, he will squeeze the world (Mark Dubowitz, “Path to disaster: Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran puts the world’s safety at risk”, qz. com, April 3, 2015).

We saw a hint of the Israel-squeeze last week. We learned that the Iran deal doesn’t shut down the Iran nuclear program. It protects that program (Patrick Goodenough, “Deal Would Help Iran Defend Its Nuclear Facilities Against 'Sabotage'”, cnsnews, July 20, 2015). The agreement includes a provision which commits the international community to help Iran protect itself against both sabotage and physical attack (Goodenough, ibid). While no specific country was named in the provision as the potential aggressor, the one country most likely to attack Iran’s nuclear program is Israel.

The US makes sure this deal protects Iran. For Obama, that’s not just anti-Israel. It’s profoundly pro-Iran, pro-Islam and anti-West.

Also last week, US Secretary of State John Kerry raised Israel from by-stander to target.  First, he said any Israeli attack against Iran’s program would be a ‘huge mistake’ (David Rutz, “Kerry: Unilateral Action by Israel Against Iran Would Be ‘Enormous Mistake,’ Could Give Regime ‘Reason’ For Pursuing Nuclear Weapons”, Washington Free Beacon, July 24, 2015).

Then he said, if Congress rejected the deal, Israel would suffer (Adam Kredo, “Kerry: Israel Will Be ‘Blamed’ If Congress Rejects Iran Deal”, Washington Free Beacon, July 24, 2015).

His not-so-subtle message was that if this deal failed, the blame will be placed on Israel. The US would see to it.

The Iran deal is a watershed event. It shows the United States of America embracing an anti-West, Islamic Jew-hating dream. 

Obama uses his position and power to embolden that dream. Archimedes once said he could move the world with a lever. For Hussein Obama, Iran is that lever.

Obama gives Iran a pathway to a nuclear weapon (American Thinker, above, ibid). He gives Iran billions to fund an Islamic foreign policy based on conquest and Jew-hate. He protects Islamic Iran from the Jewish Israel. With this deal, he even allows the terrorist Iranian Revolutionary Guards to operate in the EU (Benjamin Weinthal, “Analysis: Europe to drop sanctions on Iranian terrorists and entities”, Jerusalem Post, July 25, 2015).

Hussein Obama comes out of the closet. He believes in Iran. He believes in an Islamic ‘Palestine’ which will erase the Jewish Israel from the world map. He believes in the supremacy of Islam.

Through Iran, Obama will move the world. His legacy strategy is a terrorist’s dream (American Thinker, ibid). He will deliver Israel and the world to Islam.

Will he succeed? Stay tuned.

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