Thursday, July 9, 2015

Do the Gentiles go mad?

The Gentiles suffer. They go mad.

Look at Greece. It suffers from a financial failure so acute it stands half-mad at the edge of a precipice with a rope tied to its waist. The other end of that rope is tied to the EU’s neck. If Greece tumbles over the edge, the EU could well go with it.

US policymakers at the White House and State Department suffer. They go mad from ‘Iran-itis’. They seek an ‘Iran deal’ that would, according to US President Barack Obama, keep Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. Iran, meanwhile, laughs at the US. It keeps declaring it won’t abide by anything the West wants.

The US approaches with a delusional optimism an Iranian regime that has no principles whatsoever other than that which enhances its own mad plans for terror and destruction (Daniel Wiser, “How a Nuclear Deal Would Make Iran ‘A Very Successful Regional Power’”, Washington Free Beacon, July 8, 2015). The US runs to give Iran whatever it wants. It suffers from a case of terminal ‘fantasy’ (ibid) which, like madness, promises nothing positive.

Iran insanely shouts hatred against Jews, supports Arab terror against Israel and demands a nuclear weapon (Adam Credo, “Iran ‘Shouts Hatred’ for Israel, Backs Palestinian Terror”, Washington Free Beacon, July 8, 2015). Insanely, the US makes believe it doesn’t hear these rantings.

Reports circulate that the White House gears up to pressure Jewish groups to support any deal Obama will sign with Iran (Adam Credo, “White House Instructs Allies To Lean On ‘Jewish Community’ to Force Iran Deal”, Washington Free Beacon, July 7, 2015). Obama also prepares to pressure his own Democratic Party (Adam Credo, “White House Officials Plot Ways to Pressure Lawmakers Into Supporting Iran Deal”, Washington Free Beacon, July 6, 2015).

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, does the opposite. He doesn’t support this deal. Instead, he increases his anti-agreement pronouncements (“Iran's Ideological Camp Increases Pressure To Reject Upcoming Nuclear Agreement; Majlis National Security Committee Chairman: 'Kerry Is Talking Nonsense Because His Broken Leg Hurts... You Can't Expect Much From A Sick Man's statements”, MEMRI, Special dispatch Number 6092, July 3, 2015).
Who's more insane, Obama for pursuing a bad deal with such lust--or Iran, for lusting after a weapon of mas destruction? 

US Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman, John McCain (R-Arizona) has practically denounced US President Obama for his failed strategy against ISIS (Bill Gertz, “Senators: Obama Counter-IS Strategy Failing”, Washington Free Beacon, July 8, 2015).  McCain accuses Obama of ‘self-delusion’ over ISIS (ibid).

Three months ago, the US launched a plan to train 7,000 Syrian rebel fighters to fight ISIS (ibid). So far, the US has trained just 60 fighters (ibid). The ISIS trains far more fighters than the US can train (ibid).

ISIS outperforms the United States? Somebody’s insane.  

The insanity spreads. The so-called Palestinians compete aggressively with the US to take first prize for delusional behaviour. Insanely, they’ve stood before an international peace conference in South America to declare that Jews plot to take over the world (Stuart Winer, “Palestinian envoy says Jews plotting world domination”, Times of Israel, July 8, 2015). To help his thesis, the Arab who made this delusional declaration also stated that there is ‘no Jewish people’ (ibid). As a result, Arabs don’t hate Jews--because Jews don’t exist (“PLO Official: We Don't Hate the Jews; They Just Don't Exist”, Arutz Sheva, July 8, 2015).

In an insane way, ISIS suffers. Earlier this week, ISIS fighters took a break from their killing, massacring and beheading to celebrate a Ramadan end-of-fast feast. The feast was a bust: 45 feasters died of food poisoning (Ari Yashar, “Ramadan Feast Food Poisoning Kills 45 ISIS Terrorists”, Arutz Sheva, July 8, 2015).

The EU suffers from a case of megalomania. It considers itself to be the model for world government (James Lewis, “What Europe has become”, American Thinker, July 8, 2015). But the EU doesn’t have a clue.

It’s more like the former Soviet Union than a model for modern leadership. Like those Soviets, the EU claims to be peaceful and democratic. But, as with the USSR, that’s just not true (ibid).

The EU, like the Soviets, controls the media (ibid). Their ruling class constantly bully voters (ibid).

Yes, there are certainly significant differences between the EU and the former Soviet Union. But they do share this: they’ve both driven their economies into the ground.

The EU may be the worst of the two. It’s gone insane: “The single most suicidal [EU] policy has been to import 50 million Muslims from violent and failed regimes, along with their native imams and mullahs to preach racial and religious hatred” (ibid).

The EU’s megalomania has turned it into “exactly the kind of dysfunctional political system that brought down the Soviet Union.  The ruling class is at war with the people and the EU’s answer is to replace the people (ibid)—with those 50 million Muslims. 

Insanely, these Gentiles share something else: they all blame Jews from their ills.
Have the Gentiles gone mad?


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