Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Obama’s Iran deal: reason for aliyah

US President Hussein Obama wants you to embrace his Iran deal. He’s so determined to get that embrace, he’s gone on the offensive.

First, he sent his Vice President, Joe Biden, to talk to ‘the Jews’ (Ron Kampeas, “The campaign for (and against) the Iran deal gets personal”, Times of Israel, July 22, 2015). Biden had an ‘intimate’ phone call this past week with about a thousand Jewish leaders to implore them to support the ‘deal’ (ibid).

Obama also sent US Secretary of State John Kerry to America’s talk shows. He wanted Kerry to defend the ‘deal’. Kerry did that. During that defense, he characterized the criticism of the deal by Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as one of the dumbest criticisms he’d ever heard in his life (ibid).

Then, Obama himself went on the road—to Pittsburgh, Pa. He gave a speech there. He denounced those who oppose the deal. He called those people the same ‘chest-beaters’ who had advocated for war with Iraq in 2003 when it was believed—apparently falsely—that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (“Obama denounces ‘chest beating’ against Iran accord”, Times of Israel, July 21, 2015). He called this deal a victory of diplomacy over war (ibid).  He said it would save American troops from dying in a fruitless war with Iran (Kampeas, ibid).

Is that why Obama completed this deal—to save the lives of American troops? If so, he’s a fool—or worse.

Iran is eager to develop Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs). Why does Iran need such missiles to kill American troops in war? ICBMs generally aren’t designed to be a battle-field weapon.

ICBMs have a different application. They’re a weapon designed to help fulfil the chant, ‘Death to America’. Note that ‘America’ is not ‘US troops’. It’s you.

One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand this distinction. But it appears to be a distinction Obama fails to grasp—or chooses to ignore.

His deal appeases an enemy who chants, ‘Death to America’.  He says his deal has been done to save American troops. Perhaps that’s true. But his deal also endangers America.  

To save American troops, Obama will, as a consequence of this ‘deal’, release more than 100 billion dollars of frozen assets to the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. He does that knowing that the US has open borders in its Southwest.

That’s a problem for America because open borders are an open invitation for terrorists to sneak (or, rather, walk freely) into America carrying whatever they wish to bring with them. 100 billion dollars can buy a lot of back-pack-size C4 explosives. It can buy a lot of untraceable mayhem to be exploded in small-town America all across America’s South, South-West and mid-West.

For that matter, why would a travelling terrorist newly arrived in America from a border-crossing want to stop only in the South, South-West or mid-West? Once inside America, he could use his explosives anywhere.

100+ billion dollars can go a long way. It can fund a lot of terror.

John Kerry thinks that Netanyahu’s criticism of this deal is one of the dumbest things he’s ever heard in his life. That criticism says more about Kerry than it does about Netanyahu.

It says that Kerry chooses to attack Netanyahu ad hominum. That means he attacks the person, not the criticism.

Ad hominum is an interesting device. It’s used to attack a person’s character, usually when one cannot attack that person’s argument. It attempts to dismiss another’s argument based on an irrelevant point.

If the Netanyahu criticism has no basis in fact—and is therefore invalid--why resort to such fallacious reasoning?  Netanyahu’s intelligence has nothing to do with how good or bad the Iran deal is.

Obama, Biden and Kerry are on the same team. That team isn’t honest. It doesn’t use honest reasoning. It’s created a dishonest deal.

That doesn’t help America. It helps America’s enemies.

If you’re a Jew in America, your government is about to release frozen assets to Iran. That release is part of this ‘deal’. Those released assets represent a 100+ billion dollar windfall for the Iranian terror regime.

Since that terror regime is profoundly anti-American and anti-Semitic, that windfall threatens you. If your American leaders so deliberately fund such terror, you no longer live in a safe place.

If you’re an American Jew, here’s a piece of advice: make aliyah. Do it now--before it’s too late.





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