Thursday, July 16, 2015

Obama lies--but it doesn’t matter

US President Hussein Obama has begun to sell his Iran deal to sceptics in the USA (Matt Spetalnick and Roberta Rampton, “Obama - Iran deal is only alternative to more Mideast war”, Reuters, July 16, 2015). His main argument is that the world has only two choices with Iran, war or this deal (ibid).

The Obama Administration relies on a three-word question to protect this agreement from critics: "Compared to what?" (Doyle McManus, “Don't like the Iran deal? What's the alternative?”, latimes, July 15, 2015).

This is the administration’s strategy. They ask you to present an alternative, then shoot it down: only their alternative works.

I think there was a better alternative: sanctions, combined   with walking away from the table. Neither of these tactics was given a chance. In retrospect, I’d say they were rejected the day negotiations began.

Regarding sanctions, Obama didn’t give them a chance (Eli Lake, “Obama Undermines His Own Case for the Iran Deal”, Bloomberg View, April 6, 2015). He didn’t believe they could work (ibid).

But sanctions did work. Since 2013, Iran has suffered. Between 2011 and 2013, when those sanctions began to bite, Iran oil exports dropped more than 60 per cent (“Iran nuclear crisis: What are the sanctions?”, BBC News, March 30, 2015). Today, as some have already written, Iran suffers a double-whammy: not only are its oil sales restricted/limited, its oil income suffers from a dramatic drop in world oil prices.

Some have reported that Iran is perhaps six-months to a year away from an economic/financial breaking point. Obama should have pushed Iran to that point. He refused.

Obama had no patience to wait for those six-twelve months. Instead, he capitulated to virtually every Iranian demand. He gave up on sanctions too soon.

The same was true for walking away from the table. He said he would walk (“Obama: US willing to 'walk away' from Iran talks if sides can't make right deal”, The Guardian, March 8, 2015). He and his aides said this dozens of times. It was even used as a media hammer to punish Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for strongly objecting to the deal (Nick Gass, “President Obama dismisses Benjamin Netanyahu speech: 'nothing new'”, Politico, March 3, 2015).

But in the end, he refused to walk. He said it would be irresponsible to walk (“Full text: Obama: ‘It would be irresponsible to walk away from’ Iran nuclear deal”, Washington Post, July 14, 2015). Instead of walking, he surrendered.

Obama never gave sanctions—or the threat of walking out of talks—any credibility. He didn’t do either because he knew all along he didn’t have 6 months or a year to pressure Iran. Six months from now the US will be looking at the beginning of the 2016 Presidential Primary season. At that point, everyone will realize just how much this Hussein Obama is a lame-duck President. By February 2016, Obama could easily lose his ability to ride roughshod over the US Congress.

Therefore, he has to act now. If he wanted a ‘foreign policy legacy’, July 2015 was his ‘now or never’ moment.

That’s why he’s jumped on the ‘so what’s your alternative’ strategy. He needs it to sell his evil deal.

He didn’t achieve something. He ‘settled’.  

He undersold his own bargaining position. He overbought Iran’s ability to control the terms of the talks.

He failed. When Iran bluffed, he folded. As a result, Iran won.

Now, his only defense is not the quality of the deal. His only defense is an aggressive offense against any alternative.

Something is almost always suspicious when a salesman sells his tinker-toy on the premise that his competition’s got nothing of quality to offer. Something is almost certainly wrong when that salesman rejects what you show him as ‘that’s no choice’.

If this deal goes through as advertised, the world will become a more dangerous place. But that doesn’t matter. The danger that this Iranian terror regime will now create for the Middle East—and the world--is all part of HaShem’s plan for the Final Jewish Redemption. As someone has already said, citing the Midrash Yalkut Shimoni (Rabbi Shimmon Kessin, “Iranian threat was foretold”, Shirat Devorah, July 16, 2015): this is all being done for you, the Jewish people, the Jewish nation. It’s the beginning of how those who hate Israel will be punished. It’s how Israel will rise triumphant. It’s how the Redemption will begin—with Por-ahs (Iran) (ibid).

It doesn’t matter that Hussein Obama and his administration lie about the Iran deal (Alex Griswold, “Oh Hey, an Obama Advisor Just Blatantly Lied About the Iran Deal on CNN”, mediaite, July 15, 2015). This administration is simply playing into the Hands of the G-d of Israel.

If you laugh at that, stay tuned. The Jewish Redemption movie is just beginning.

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