Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Blog housekeeping

Today is July 1st. Half a year has gone by.

Y-T-D, I’ve published 194 essays. By contrast, I published 228 essays all last year.
In 2nd quarter 2015, I published 126 essays. That’s an average of 42 essays a month. At that pace, I’d complete 500+ essays for calendar 2015.
That’s a lot of writing. I’d guess that most serious bloggers who write a minimum of 500 words per essay publish half that number per year. I can understand why: it's hard work.
I’m going to change my pace. For the summer, I’m going to back off. My goal is 75 essays for the 3rd quarter, July 1-September 30. 
That means that, in theory at least, I should publish every week—but not every day. Please check the blog regularly. 
My goal is 22-28 essays a month. Will I keep that pace? Only G-d knows.
I hope you’ll keep reading!



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