Sunday, September 14, 2014

ISIS and the nonsense called the ‘Palestinian cause’

Apparently, the Palestinian Authority (PA) doesn’t give a damn about the danger posed by the barbaric Islamic State (ISIS). The PA doesn’t want the world to attack ISIS. It wants the world to attack Israel.

The PA is upset because the world’s news this morning wasn’t about the ‘Palestinian cause’. It was about yet another ISIS beheading (“British hostage beheaded”, The Times of London, September 14, 2104).

The West is outraged (“David Haines's 'evil murder' condemned by PM”, BBC, September 134, 2014). The West recoils from the steady stream of Europeans who head southeast to join Jihad (“France says 930 citizens or residents involved in jihad”, France24, September 14, 2014). The West worries about a new World War (“Pope warns of a Third World War”, The Telegraph, September 13, 2014).

In the US, Secretary of State John Kerry understands that worry. That’s one reason he wants to fight ISIS—to stop a world-wide Jihad against civilization before it picks up too much steam. That’s also why Kerry wants the Arab world to join President Obama’s coalition against ISIS (“Kerry Scours Mideast for Aid in ISIS Fight”, The New York Times, September 14, 2014). He wants the Muslim Arab to help put out this Muslim fire, perhaps to prove that Islam really is a religion of peace.

But Kerry swims against the stream on his quest. Few in the Arab world sign up. He’s received ‘broad assurances but no public commitments (ibid) from the Arab world. He certainly doesn’t count the PA as one of the coalition’s supporters.

The PA has no interest in fighting ISIS. The PA’s only response to ISIS is to complain nonsensically about Israel. The world, PA chief negotiator Saeb Erekat said this morning on Arab TV, abandons the Palestinian cause (“PA fears Islamic State threat taking world's attention away from Palestinian issue”, Jerusalem Post, September 14, 2104).

ISIS murders at will. It kills thousands. Why do they do it? Saeb Erekat knows why: ISIS is a reaction to the “continuation of the ‘Israeli occupation’ “(The Jerusalem Post, above). 

Unfortunately, he doesn’t explain how the Islamic ISIS murders thousands of Muslims because of ‘Israeli occupation’.  Can you explain that?

Erekat also doesn’t explain how the Islamic ISIS mass execution of Islamic Syrian soldiers was provoked by ‘Israeli occupation’. Can you explain it?

Erekat doesn’t explain any of it because he can’t. There’s no connection that links the so-called ‘Israeli occupation’ to the barbaric murder-spree of the Muslim ISIS against other Muslims.   

There is also no link between what Erekat calls the ‘suffering of the Palestinian people’ and the rampaging ISIS.

But there is a link between the Islamic ISIS and its Muslim victims: for ISIS, killing Muslims first is more important than killing Jews (“ISIS: Killing Shiites More Important Than Killing Jews”, Frontpage Mag, July 8, 2014).

While the West struggles to find a moral justification for confronting ISIS (“Those Fighting Islamic State Are the Lesser Evil”, Der Spiegel, September 11, 2014), the PA rolls along like a loose moral cannonball: it ignores the ISIS threat and blames Israel for the ISIS madness.

Muslims kill Muslims because of the ‘Israeli occupation’? That’s nonsense.

If that part of the ‘Palestinian cause’ is nonsense, what else in the Palestinian narrative is nonsense?

The PA is completely irrational.  It’s a moral black hole. ISIS is on a killing spree, and the PA is telling the world that ‘the Israeli occupation’ did it?

No one is listening. The PA is so isolated, it doesn’t even understand that ISIS has refused to fight for the ‘Palestinian cause’ (“Allah has not ordered us to fight against Israel: ISIS”, The Shia Post, July 12, 2014). The PA doesn’t realize that ISIS kills Muslims for lslamic reasons, not because of Israel: Muslim victims of ISIS die because they’re not ‘pure’ enough. ISIS kills Muslims to rid the world of Islamic “renegades and hypocrites” (The Shia Post, ibid), not because of Israel.

The PA doesn’t care. It doesn’t care about a world coalition to fight ISIS. It wants the world to form a coalition to fight Israel (Arutz Sheva, ibid).


The PA wants to destroy Israel. But it can’t. Therefore, it won’t cooperate with anyone to protect the civilized world against ISIS. It won’t even lift a finger to protect itself against ISIS.

All it can think of is its mad hatred towards Israel. The world struggles to figure how to fight ISIS--and the PA’s nonsensical message falls on deaf ears.

Perhaps ISIS serves a purpose. Perhaps that purpose is to shine a light of truth on the moral nonsense called ‘the Palestinian cause’.

After all, there’s really no difference between the Palestinian cause and the ISIS ideology. Both aim to kill; and, more dangerous than that, both want to replace what is Western with an Islamic Caliphate.

Stay tuned. The G-d of Israel has a story he wants you to see. This is part of that story.


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