Monday, September 29, 2014

Abbas desecrates Man’s ‘Temple of Peace’

Friday, September 26, 2014 was the second and last day of the Jewish Rosh Hashanna Holiday—the celebration of the beginning of the Jewish New Year. For Jews around the world, Rosh Hashanna is not the Holiest moment in the Jewish calendar. It’s second to Yom Kippur, which falls exactly eight days after the end of Rosh Hashanna.

For Jews, the ten days which contain Rosh Hashanna and Yom Kippur create a season of reflection, confession, prayer and forgiveness. For those who hate Jews, it’s a season to attack, demonize and condemn the world’s only Jewish state.

That’s not a coincidence.

While the G-d of Israel judges everyone and everything, a brazen Jew-hater has once again taken stage-center in the world‘s biggest diplomatic arena. That arena is the United Nations (UN), which has become Man’s ‘Temple of Peace’. That Jew-hater is Mahmoud Abbas.

Abbas knows what he’s doing. He has steeped himself in the anti-Jewish world of Holocaust denial and Jew-hate. He has a PhD from a Communist (Russian) University that’s entitled, "The Other Side: the Secret Relationship Between Nazism and Zionism” (“Report: Abbas’ Holocaust-Denial Dissertation Widely-Taught in PA”, Arutz Sheva, April 28, 2011).  That 1982 dissertation was published as a book in 1984 (ibid). By 2011 that ‘book’ had become the basis for Holocaust studies throughout the Palestinian Authority (PA) (ibid).

His dissertation doesn’t completely deny the Holocaust. It does allow that some Jews were murdered. But it denies that gas chambers were used to kill Jews. It accuses Zionist leaders of establishing a partnership with Hitler. It argues that Zionist leaders encouraged Hitler to persecute Jews (ibid).

That PhD is now used in the PA’s educational curriculum (at least as of 2011). It’s part of reason many ‘Palestinians’ call Israelis Judeo-Nazis.  

Today, Abbas leads a Fatah political Party whose Charter seeks to remove Jews from the Middle East. When the 2013 American-led ‘peace talks’ with Israel began, he declared that there will be no Jews in his Arab-only state called, ‘Palestine’ (“Abbas: 'Not a single Israeli' in future Palestinian state”, Reuters news service, July 30, 2013).  

Abbas has an agenda. That agenda is not statehood or self-determination for an Arab ‘people’. His agenda is the complete removal of the ‘Zionist entity’ (the Jewish State) from the world map. His Party logo reflects that: his new ‘Palestine’ isn’t portrayed on that logo as sitting beside Israel; it’s pictured as replacing Israel.

That’s why he travels to the UN. He wants a judgment against the Jewish state. He wants the world to approve his plan for ethnic cleansing against the Jews.  

This isn’t the first time he’s gone before the United Nations to make such a demand. He did it on Rosh Hashanna 2011 (September 23, 2011). He did it again on this year’s Rosh Hashanna (September 26, 2014).

In this year’s UN speech, Abbas revealed what kind of ‘peace partner’ he is for Israel. He didn’t talk about peace and reconcilement with the Jewish State. He didn’t talk about the benefits of peace for both the Jewish and ‘Palestinian’ peoples. Instead, he called Israel ‘genocidal’ (“Abbas at UNGA: Israel perpetrated genocide in Gaza, we won't forget or forgive”, Haaretz, September 26, 2014). He cited Israel for ‘war crimes’ (ibid). He accused Israel of ‘state terrorism’ (ibid). He described Israel as creating ‘apartheid’ conditions for the ‘Palestinian’ people (“US says Abbas UN speech undermines peace efforts”, PLO news service, September 27, 2014).  He said that his ‘people’ could never forgive or forget what Israel had just done to Gaza in the 50-day war that ended August 26, 2014.

He forgot to mention that Israel had attacked Gaza in order to defend itself against hundreds of rockets being fired from Gaza at its civilian population. He didn’t mention that Israel, as a sovereign state, has the right to defend itself against such attack. He simply declared that the Gaza war was “a new war of genocide perpetrated against the Palestinian people” (“US slams Abbas’s ‘genocide’ UN speech as ‘offensive’”, Times of Israel, September 27, 2014).

It was not a speech a peacemaker makes. It was, the US said, ‘offensive’ (ibid). Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman went further. He called Abbas’s speech, ‘diplomat terrorism’ (“Palestinian leader accuses Israel of 'genocide' at UN”, BBC, September 27, 2014).

Liberman is right. Mahmoud Abbas didn’t go to the UN to seek peace. He went to that ‘Temple of Peace’ and deliberately desecrated it with diplomatic terrorism.

What will the nations of the world do about that desecration? Will they condemn it—or sanctify it?

The G-d of Israel has a Jewish Story He wants to you see. Diplomatic terrorism against the Jewish State is part of that Story. Man’s anti-Israel ‘Temple of Peace’ is part of that Story.

Stay tuned. This Story is just beginning.

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