Friday, September 5, 2014

Are you ready to fight for Israel?

Muslims have gone to war. They want Israel. They yearn for Israel. They fight for Israel.
They call Joseph’s Tomb a Mosque. They claim Rachel’s Tomb belongs to Islam. They say Jews have no rights to the Temple Mount. They rail against the ‘Judaization’ of Jerusalem.
Do you understand the horror of ‘Judaization’? It means that Jews live where Muslims want to live. Damn Jews.
Muslims demand that Israel become Islamic. Muslims want you to join in that demand.
Israel is not a Muslim country. Never has been. Israel is special. It’s not like other places.
In all the world, only Israel is Jewish. Even in the deepest despair of Jewish exile, the non-Jewish world knew that Israel was the Jewish land.
That’s no longer true. Today, Muslims want Israel for themselves. They fight for it. They demand it.
The world listens to Muslims. It acquiesces. It says, damn Jews.
Israel is special in another way: in this special land, if you want something, you have to be persistent.
In Israel, it’s the persistent one who gets what he wants. Here, being right doesn’t count. Being strong doesn’t count. The only thing that counts is, to get what you want you have to be persistent.
Right now, the Muslim is more persistent than the Jew. Right now, Jews just don’t seem to care. Right now, the world listens most to those who persist. The world listens to the Muslim.
If you are Jewish and do not care about Israel or Jerusalem, you will lose Israel and Jerusalem. If you are Jewish and you do care, you must be persistent. You must speak out. You must declare: this is our land, not yours!
Israel is special in a third way: it is not the land you think it is.
It is not your land.
Israel does not belong to you. Jerusalem doesn’t belong to you. You do not own them. The G-d of Israel owns this land.  The G-d of Israel owns Jerusalem.
You are only the caretaker; and, like every other caretaker, you are responsible for the condition of the object you watch over, whether you like that or not.
As a caretaker, you have no right to throw it away. You cannot ignore it. You cannot give it away. It isn’t yours to give.
Even if you don’t care about it, you are still responsible for it. That’s how it is when you’re just the caretaker. That’s the downside of not being the owner.
The LandLord—our G-d-- has Chosen to give this land to us, the Jewish people.  He even wrote up an Agreement. That Agreement is called, the Torah. This Agreement is more than 3,300 years old. There is no other Land Agreement like it in history.
The G-d of Israel has told us that this land of Israel is Holy. The Torah confirms it.
The G-d of Israel has Chosen the Jewish people as his beloved. The Torah confirms it.
The G-d of Israel has brought the Jewish people to this Holy Land, exiled them from it—and then brought them back to it. The Torah confirms it.
You don’t have a say in the matter. You’re just the caretaker, not the owner. Your job is to watch over the land for the next generation. Your job is to make sure there is a ‘next’ generation.
The Muslim rejects this. He rejects all of it. He says it is all a lie.
The Muslim wants you to agree with him. He wants you to agree that Islam is true and Jewish history is a lie. He wants to you agree that King David never existed. The Temple never existed. Our conquest of the land never happened.
He wants you to ignore the ancient archaeology that litters our land with the facts of our past. He ignores it. Why shouldn’t you?
The Muslim wants you to say that Jews are liars and thieves. He wants to you to shout that we—the Jews--stole his land.
We are, the Muslim says, usurpers and occupiers. He says we don’t belong here.
He says we are white folk. We are European outsiders. We should go back to our countries of origin.
The G-d of Israel says otherwise. The G-d of Israel says, this is His land and He has Chosen to bring to it His Chosen, the Jews.
Muslims don’t care. They want Israel. They yearn for Israel. They fight for Israel.
What do you want? What do you yearn for?
More important, are you ready to fight? Are to ready to fight, to defend G-d’s Land? Are you ready to fight for a Jewish Israel?
You will have to answer that last question. Like it or not, you have no choice. You will have to fight.
The Muslim will make sure of it.

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