Friday, September 19, 2014

A poem for all who support the Palestinian cause

By now, you all know about the ‘Palestinian Cause’. It’s a ‘cause’, you’ve been told, to bring freedom to the ‘Palestinian’ people. It’s a struggle for ‘justice’.

Ask anyone who marches against Israel. Ask Jews who support the ‘Palestinians’. That’s what they’ll tell you: this is about justice, freedom and human rights.

This fight isn’t about religion. It isn’t about race. It isn’t about Jew-hate.

It’s about self-determination. It’s about doing what’s right and fair.

So, for all of you who support that cause, here’s a poem. It’s so beautiful; it’s more a song than a poem.

It gives expression to the ‘Palestinian’ dream. It reveals the ‘Palestinian’ soul. It tells you what lies beneath the ‘Palestinian’ cause.

It appeared on Palestinian Authority (PA) TV on, I believe, September 12, 2014. It was presented in a dramatized way for PA TV viewers. It’s in Arabic.

It was recorded and translated by Palestine Media Watch ( Here’s an excerpt:


“Jerusalem is my land, Gaza is my honor

Jerusalem is my days and my wildest dreams

O, you [Jews] who were brought up on spilling blood

O, you [Jews] who murdered Allah’s pious prophets

You [Jews] have been condemned to humiliation and hardship

O Sons of Zion, O most evil among creations

O barbaric monkeys, O wretched pigs

As long as my heart is my Quran and my city

As long as I have my arm and my stones

As long as I am free and do not barter my cause

I will not fear your throngs

My [suicide] belt is around my waist, and my rifle is on my shoulder.”


This is how the people you support against Israel describe their dream. This is how they ‘sing’ to each other. This is what they call Jews—monkeys and pigs. They are people who call Jews barbaric, wretched and evil.

They are the people you love. They are the people you choose over Jews. They are the people you say we should invite to be our next-door neighbours.

They are people who use the vilest and most racist words and descriptions to describe Jews. They are people who use words and descriptions you were taught in grade school never to use.

They are the people you give your heart to. Is that your song they sing?

They are the people you empower. Is this how you want to be remembered—that you sought to ennoble a group that actually sings of racist hatred towards another?

The G-d of Israel has a Jewish Story He wants you to see. This poem is part of that story.

There will certainly be more to tell. Stay tuned, if you can stomach the religion-inspired hatred.



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