Sunday, September 7, 2014

Does the Jewish endgame begin?

Have you been watching the news? Have you also been looking at the Jewish calendar--and at the weekly Torah and Haftorah portions?

You might want to look at all three for the next few weeks. You wouldn’t want to find out you’ve missed something important.

Our Heritage teaches that in the days leading up to the final Jewish Redemption, nations will rise up to war against Jerusalem, and Jew will face off against Jew. When the smoke settles, our Heritage says, Zion will rise triumphant.

There’s more, of course, but that’s the gist of the Jewish Redemption story. It’s the story of Israel you see on the evening news.

The UN threatens Israel with a ‘war crimes investigation’. The Palestinian Authority (PA) threatens Israel with the International Criminal Court (ICC). The US—Israel’s so-called greatest ally—pressures Israel to surrender to a Jew-hating enemy. The European Union (EU) continues to call Israel an ‘occupier’. Hamas declares that its war against Israel will ‘liberate’ Jerusalem. Powerful Liberal Jews continue to focus their moral outrage not on the Arab but on Israel (Caroline Glick, “The dilemma of the Jewish leftist” Jerusalem Post, September 4, 2014). 

The Arabs declare that their new state Palestine will be Jew-free. No one speaks to defend Israel. Hamas calls Israel ‘Judeo-Nazis’ (“The brutal ugliness of the Israeli-Jewish mentality”, Hamas News service, September 6, 2014). No one speaks to defend Israel. Iran continues to pursue a nuclear weapon. No one speaks to defend Israel.

You’ve seen these stories, right? Now look at your Tanach. Look at what’s been predicted for the Jewish people.  

Here’s a partial listing: (1) Israel will be exiled (true). (2) Jews will be scattered across the nations (true). (3) Jews will be minorities in the countries they inhabit (true). (4) Jews will be persecuted (true). (5) In their countries of exile, Jews will become a source for astonishment, a parable for G-d’s anger (true). (6) Jews will seek G-d from their exile (true). (7) After exile, the land of Israel will become barren (true). (8) The land will remain barren for all who attempt to replace Jews in Israel (true). (9) G-d will not abandon Israel (true). (10) Jews will return to Israel (true).  (11) The Hebrew language will be revived as Israel’s national language (true). (12) Israel will rise like a lion before her enemies (true). (13) Israel will become noteworthy in the world (true). (14) The fruit of Israel’s womb will be blessed (true: Israel has the highest birth rate of all Developed nations). (15) Israel’s enemies will bear false testimony against her (true). (16) Edom (the West) and Yishmael (the Arab) will conspire against Israel (true). (17) The nations will gather against Jerusalem (true).

You may be a sceptic. But if you’re intellectually honest, you will have to admit that there does not exist in all of human history another written document with these many prophecies-come-true.

The Tanach is G-d’s public record. Man—who so aggressively opposes G-d--offers nothing that can compete with such a record.

As the West and the UN turn against Israel, think about your Tanach. You cannot dismiss the prophet Yechezkeil when he quotes G-d as saying of Edom (the West): I will deal with you according to the anger and envy which you showed because of your hatred against them (Israel); and I will make myself known among you, when I judge you. And you shall know that I, the LORD, have heard all the reviling which you uttered against the mountains of Israel.

If you are pro-Israel and read the news these days, Israel looks yet again about to be bullied into another war crimes investigation. The US, EU, UK and UN treat your beloved Israel like an outcast.

The world demands that Israel accept a so-called ‘two-state solution’ to the Arab-Israel conflict. That ‘solution’ was tried in 1947 by the United Nations. But then, even before the UN voted to establish Israel, the UN took 78 per cent of British Mandate Palestine away from the Jews and gave it to Arabs, to create ‘Jordan’. Jews received only 22 per cent of the original promised Mandate. Now Mahmoud Abbas wants to retrieve that 22 per cent for another Arab state, ‘Palestine’.

Apparently, nobody understands that ‘retrieving’ that 22 per cent means the destruction of Israel. The West certainly doesn’t.

No one defends Israel. No one acknowledges Arab Jew-hate. No one wants to help Jewish Israel.

Instead, everyone wants peace. To get that peace, they choose to defend the terrorist Hamas, not the democracy, Israel.

The West rises against the daughter of Yaacov. The West acts as if it wants to drive her from the world. The prophet Yirmiyahu describes this hostility as a ‘time of trouble unto Yaacov’. But, he concludes, out of these troubles Yaacov shall be saved.

You’ve seen the news. Do those anti-Israel stories mean that the Jewish endgame has begun?






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