Sunday, July 13, 2014

Why did this war start?

Israel is at war—again. The world gets tired of this war of the Arab against the Jew. The world wants a resolution.

The world doesn’t know how this war can end.  Arab hate is too intense. So it—the world—has come to a decision:  it will blame Israel, not the Arab hate.

Unless we begin to see miracles on the International stage, we can guess what lies ahead: if Israel sends ground troops into Gaza, or if the air campaign drags on—or if the Arabs report high fatalities--the world will grow increasingly hostile to the Jewish Israel.

Some things never change.

If past performance is any indication, the world’s headlines will turn against Israel. Certainly, if Hamas can drag out the fighting, the odds grow that you will see an international viciousness against the Jewish state.

So before you start reading those headlines, make sure you review the headlines below. These headlines are from Israel. They come from a single 24-hour period. The period begins July 6, 2014 at 1:39pm Israel time, and covers the next 24 hours, until 1:23pm, July 7.

This period covers the 24-hours just before a 100+-rocket barrage Hamas shot at Jewish civilians the very next day. That barrage began July 7th-- and pummelled Israel during the next 24 hours.

Israel attacked Hamas in Gaza on July 8, 2014.


-110 Rockets Fired on Israel Since Wednesday [between July 2-6, 2014] (headline posted at 1339 hours Israel time, July 6, 2014).

-Be’er Sheva Mayor: The Current Situation is Impossible—1357pm

- 10 More Rockets Launched at Southern Israel—1527pm

-Color Red [air raid siren]in Sha'ar Hanegev—1602pm

-2 Rockets Explode in Sdot Negev Region—1628pm

- 2 Rockets Explode Outside Eshkol Region—1758pm

- Kassam Attack on Eshkol-1842pm

- Rocket Explodes in Ashkelon Coast Council Region—2023pm

- Rocket Explodes in Ashkelon Coast Council Region—2023pm

- Gaza Rocket Explodes in Eshkol Region--2346pm

--a night-time lull, then:

-Color Red [air raid siren] Sounded in Eshkol Region—0718am, morning, July 7, 2014

- Update: Vehicle Damaged by Rocket Fire—0724am

-Update: Lightly Wounded from Shrapnel in Eshkol—0737am

-RPG Launched at Soldiers Along Gaza Security Fence—0911am    

-Missile Alert in Be'er Sheva—1048am

- Grad Rocket Hits Open Space in Be'er Sheva' Area—1059am

- Missile Alert in Netivot--1152am

- Rocket Attack on Sdot Negev—1208pm

-Color Red [air raid siren] in Sha'ar Hanegev—1216pm

- Iron Dome Shoots Down Netivot-Bound Rocket—1210pm

-Rocket Attack on Eshkol Region—1323pm, July 7, 2014


Israel is under no obligation to tolerate this kind of attack. No state is. These rockets are an act of war.

They represent a formal act of aggression against a sovereign state. These rockets are not party favours. They may be cheap and ‘dumb’. But they are still large, heavy missiles of death.

It doesn’t matter that they miss their targets. Since they are aimed at our civilian population, each one terrorizes. Each one can kill.

Read the headlines above. Remember them. It’s why Israel attacked Gaza. It’s why the sovereign Jewish state will continue to attack.

As a Member State of the United Nations, Israel has the right to live in peace and security, free from attack. Israel also has the right to defend itself.

Israel will defend itself.

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