Sunday, July 20, 2014

Leader of the Free World: Israel, not America

The United States of America has been called ‘the leader of the free world’. It began to earn that title when it entered World War Two. It assumed that title in earnest when the Cold War against Russia began after World War Two had ended.

It earned that title because it led the West against two evils called, Nazi Germany and Communist Russia. It carried the heaviest burden in the struggles that led to victory against those evils. It forced Nazi Germany to an unconditional surrender. It engineered the collapse of Communist Russia.

Nazism and Communism were called ‘evil’ for several reasons. They wanted to conquer the free world. They wanted to control the free world. They wanted to enslave the free world. They wanted to destroy the civilization of the free world.

That made them evil.

They used war to conquer others. They used brutal force to dominate all life wherever they became Masters. They sought to rule the world.

That made them evil.

The free world rejected that evil. The free world did not want to be ruled by tyrannies that had literally murdered and tortured millions.

These ideologies were evil because they saw the world in the starkest of terms: they told us, for example, that we had only two choices. They said, “There are two worlds that stand opposed to each other” (read the radio address of President Franklin Roosevelt, Washington, December 29, 1940; Roosevelt spoke of the Nazi; but his words could apply also to Communist Russia under Stalin). Their world will, they said, conquer ours.

That made them evil.

Hitler’s Germany and then, later, Stalin’s Russia stood defiantly before the world. Each was ruthless.

That’s why they were evil.

America stood steadfast against that evil. It fought against Hitler and Stalin so that the free world would remain free. It stood when others were afraid. Its unwavering commitment to freedom made it the leader of the Free World.

Today, we face a different evil. But it is still an evil that aims to do what the Nazis and Communists failed to do: conquer us, dominate us, enslave us.

This evil also aims to destroy free nations. It aims to force free nations to do its will.

There is only one such ruthless evil in the world. There is only one ideology that seeks to destroy freedom’s civilization. That evil is militant Islam.

An ideology becomes an evil to free people because it promotes the free world’s destruction. It presents itself as being irreconcilably opposed to any way of life different from its own. That was the argument of the Nazis and the Communists. It is the argument of militant Islam.

That’s why militant Islam attacked the United States (September 11, 2001). It’s why it has attacked Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Kenya, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia and others. It aims to destroy what is not of its own making.

America no longer stands firm against this Islam. It no longer fights this Islam. It pulls back from the fight.

Today, only one country in the world fights this new evil. Only one country risks its very existence—and its international reputation--to stand firm against this evil. That country is Israel.

In a new essay, “Israel Holds the Free World's Destiny in Her Hands” (Arutz Sheva, July 20, 2014), Giulio Meotti describes Israel as standing alone as it wars against militant Islam. Israel, he says, fights a battle for all of us. He calls Israel the first line of Western defense in the battle for non-Muslim survival and prosperity in the world (ibid).

He is right. He understands the evil that challenges the West. To survive, the West must fight. Surrender means the death of our civilization.  

Clearly, Meotti has read the Islamic calls to destroy both the Little Satan (Israel) and the Great Satan (the United States). He understands the fanaticism of militant Islam. He understands what this militant Islam has done in Syria, Africa and Iran.

The nation which he describes as standing alone against this evil is not just a small nation. It’s not just a Jewish nation. It’s something more.

While he doesn’t use these words, his essay describes the leader of the free world. As he suggests, a leader makes sacrifices to carry the banner of freedom. A leader pays a price to lead. A leader understands how to be ‘steadfast’.

He does not describe America. He describes Israel.

America is no longer the leader of the free world. America will no longer stand against militant Islam. America no longer wants to oppose the drive of militant Islam to conquer and enslave.

America abdicates its leadership. America abandons the fight for freedom.

Israel doesn’t. Israel fights.

That’s why Israel is now the leader of the free world.



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