Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Joan Rivers: politics as Jewish Judo

Jews are not known for their athletic prowess. They aren’t known for pugilistic perfection. Jews, you know, can’t fight.
But Joan Rivers can. Have you seen the video of her?
In a Youtube video, a reporter catches up to her as she was about to enter an airport. The reporter told her he was looking to collect celebrity reactions to the Gaza-Israel war. Her first response was, “Look, if New Jersey would fire rockets into New York, we’d wipe ‘em out. If we heard they were digging tunnels from Jersey into New York, we’d get rid of Jersey”.
The reporter asked, what about the civilian casualties in Gaza. She responded, “then don’t put your g-damn things into private homes! I’m sorry, but don’t you dare put weapon stashes into private homes”.
The report asked, where are civilians supposed to go? She replied immediately, “I don’t care. They started it. You [the media] are all insane: they started it! Israel didn’t fire rockets into Gaza. They started it! The BBC should be ashamed of itself. CNN should be ashamed of itself!”
Seems like Joan Rivers knows a thing or two about reality. Too bad CNN, the BBC and the rest of the anti-Israel media don’t.
Good for you, Joan Rivers.
(If you find the video, take a look at it. It's less than two minutes. But it's worth the time.)

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