Thursday, July 31, 2014

Who is reading America’s news?

A story popped up yesterday on (“ABC Goes Inside Gaza With an Israeli Armoured Unit”, July 30, 2014). It’s about an ABC crew embedded with Israeli soldiers. It seemed to be one of very few news items which showed Israeli forces in a positive light. That seemed unusual.

Reader comment to this story, however, wasn’t exactly ‘unusual’. It was stunning. Given the press’s intensely anti-Israel slant, the comments you are about to see seem totally out of place.

Is there a gap between US leadership and the media on the one hand, and the US public? I’m not in America. All I see is the anti-Israel bias of the press and the Administration. Are these comments below a true reflection of the US news audience—or not?

Reader Comment:

--Remember when Israel blockaded concrete because they claimed it was being used for terrorism? The Palestinians claimed they needed it for construction and jobs. Still sympathetic?   

-- CBS News (the news I usually watch) has devoted its news casts to covering Gaza. They show lots of pictures of children victims and some adults as victims. They DO NOT cover Israel--and do not mention that this whole thing started after several firings of rockets from Gaza.

--It’s interesting that all of the billions of funding that Hamas gets from its sponsors has been used to build tunnels to kidnap and murder Israelis instead of building schools, roads and businesses to improve the lives of ordinary citizens living in Gaza.

-- Looks like a lot of time and effort went into building those tunnels. Wonder how that time and effort could have been used to build schools and infrastructure instead.

-- It's hard to spin these tunnels. There is only one reason these terrorist would dig tunnels and it's not for defense!

--I'm looking at pictures on google and other videos of the tunnels and I can't help but think that Israel is right with the embargo... The cement, wood, electrical wire, nails, hammers, and all they need to rebuild Gaza is going to the underground network of tunnels. The citizens are not benefiting, but the militants sure are...

--Ok, I only have one question here. How in the world is it that they [Hamas] can build these tunnels (no small accomplishment) and yet not build infrastructure to support their citizens? I spent years in the construction industry and I can tell you right now these tunnels were not built over-night. These tunnels have rails, electricity, concrete, steel, and who knows how much labour was required to accomplish such a project(s). I am not trying to be a jerk here, but if you are trying pretend to be the victim in all this it would help if you wouldn't have put so many resources into building something that can only serve one purpose…

This is what Hamas has been doing with the funds it has received from the US and other countries. This is what Hamas has been doing with the cement and building supplies Israel has allowed into Gaza. The World criticizes Israel? Israel must face an enemy which chooses to fight from behind women and children. The world will record their inevitable deaths and condemn Israel. Hamas has only one purpose: Destroy Israel and kill Jews--PERIOD. There is no difference in the goals of Hamas or Fatah and Abbas. Only in the time frame in which it is to be done. Hamas continues to fire and store their missiles in UN schools and public buildings. They continue to fire on Israelis from the midst of their civilian populations, just like Hezbollah in Lebanon. These are rabid, heartless dogs whose purpose is NOT to make peace, but only to make war to achieve their ultimate end--the Destruction of the State of Israel and the removal Jews from the land. There will be no peace. Their goal is ONE PALESTINIAN STATE from River to Sea with Jerusalem as its undivided Capital--just as Arafat expounded till the day he died. NOTHING has changed. Israel is to make peace with an entity sworn to its destruction??

--The question of how many Palestinian women and children are going to die in Gaza is not going to be decided by the Israelis — it is going to be decided by Hamas. The Jews mean to live, Hamas means to exterminate them, and there will be war until Hamas and its allies either weary of it or win it and the last Israeli Jew is dead or exiled. It is Hamas, not the Israelis, that stashes rockets and soldiers in schools and hospitals, while hiding and fighting behind their children.

--The misinformation being distributed by the Palestinians and their supporters is staggering in its breadth and acrimony. I always thought that anti-Semitism was a minority opinion and that the vast majority of people actually didn't participate in that way of thinking. I was wrong. Most of the Christian world hates the Jews. There is no other explanation for the support being given to these subhuman vermin. Go Israel.  


Who are these commenting readers? Are they simply a fringe who do not represent the typical American reader? Of the comments I scanned (200 of 802), I saw only two or three that were pro-Arab. Is that representative of America’s news audience?

What’s going on here? Can you tell me?


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