Sunday, February 23, 2014

World War Three

World War Three is not like other World Wars. It is not about political tyranny (WW II). It’s not about going into battle because you have made alliances that you will honour (WWI). World War Three is about G-d.

Adolf Hitler telegraphed his desires for conquest and domination through his book, Mein Kampf. His thesis was simple. The two main evils in the world were Communism and Judaism.   The destiny of the German people would be built, essentially, upon the ashes of Russia and Jews.

Hitler had more nuance than that, but that was his basic vision. That was the vision he brought to life through the ‘Final Solution’ for Jews and the invasion of Soviet Russia.

The Muslim telegraphs his own desires for conquest, domination and destiny. He does this through an organization called, the Muslim Brotherhood.

The vision of the Muslim Brotherhood is to make Islam the sole reference point for life. It is a religious organization. It aims to transform all society and nation-states into a world-wide Islamic Caliphate.

It calls itself a movement that aims to influence others. Its language on its English Home Page is circumspect. It claims that it does not have a world-wide central headquarters.  It works simply by creating small cells that work independently to spread the ideology of the Brotherhood.

It’s a simple description. But its ideology is aggressive.

The Brotherhood’s ideology is to install Sharia (Islamic law) to control social, political and national life. Its first focus is the world of Islam—to unite that world under Sharia, as interpreted by the Brotherhood. But you are its other focus—its ultimate goal.

The Brotherhood believes in an Islamic Religious Manifest Destiny. That means that Islam is to spread. It is to come to you.

The Muslim Brotherhood, however, is anti-West. It is anti-Jew.

We see how the Brotherhood views the West from its base in America, where it has established a beach-head. In America, the Brotherhood describes its work as “a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and "sabotaging" its miserable house…so that it [Western civilization] is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions” ('An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America,'  Mohammed Akram, senior Hamas member and member of the Board of Directors for the Muslim Brotherhood in North America, 1981).

The Russians agree with this self-description, though they use different language. The Russians call the Brotherhood a terrorist organization. They say the Brotherhood has “an aim of destruction of non-Islamic governments and the establishment of the worldwide Islamic government by the reconstruction of the "Great Islamic Caliphate" (Russian Supreme Court ruling, 2003, Wikipedia).

You get the picture. When the Muslim Brotherhood sets up shop in your country, you won’t be in that picture—unless you convert to Islam.

In the Middle East, Hamas represents the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas is the Muslim Brotherhood. They tell you that is their Charter.

The Hamas goal is not peace with Israel. Their goal, they tell you in their Charter, is war against the Jew. Their Jihad is not ‘internal religious struggle’ (as some Islam apologists would have you believe); their Jihad is war. That war is to kill Jews for Islam.

Read their Charter. It’s all there. Their anti-Semitism is not only explicit. It’s ugly. In today’s socio-political climate of ‘tolerance for all’, it’s shocking.

The PLO (Fatah) Charter is different—but not any better. The PLO (Fatah) is the ‘secular’ half of the war against Jews. This Charter is more nuanced about its goals. It doesn’t so much talk about ‘Jews’ as it refers to removing ‘the Zionist entity’ from ‘Palestine’. It talks of peace. But their peace is a specific kind of peace: it is the peace that comes only after the Jew has been removed from the land.

The PLO (Fatah) goals may have been secularized. But the end it seeks is perfectly aligned with Hamas’ Muslim Brotherhood goal: to eliminate Jews and Jewish presence from the land.

The Muslim Brotherhood aims to conquer the world. It aims to create a world-wide Islamic Caliphate.

It is imperialistic. It is religious. It is tyrannical, brutal colonialism wrapped in a religious caftan.

Its goals are, in other words, a declaration of religious war against the West and the Jew.

As Hitler began a war to conquer and dominate, so too does the Muslim Brotherhood. As Hitler saw a Manifest Destiny for the German Aryan, so too does the Brotherhood see a Religious Manifest Destiny for the Muslim.

Both will kill to complete their conquest. Both would dominate with an iron fist.

Israel is on the front-line of that war. We see it almost every day. But don’t worry. You won't be left out.

The Muslim Brotherhood will bring World War Three to you, too.


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  1. Your use of the phrase "Manifest Destiny" is fascinating and a concept I ponder often. Nations and movements that believe they are the fulfillment of God’s ultimate plans for the Earth are the most resolute, long-term enemies in the history of mankind. Your parallels between Hitler (may his name be erased) and the Muslim Brotherhood are totally accurate. “Manifest Destiny” is nearly always the underlying evil we must combat. As you point out, it results in explosions and upheavals of imperialistic terror.

    But, let us not forget that there are only two peoples in the past 5000 years who possess a true claim to “Manifest Destiny.” And both groups beliefs also resulted in “explosions” – Explosions of knowledge, prosperity and liberty. Those two Godly, blessed nations are Israel and America. So why are their modern descendants desperately fleeing their “Manifest Destiny” and leaving it to the violent, tyrannical elements? The God who has appointed us and destined us is awaiting our answer!