Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Israel’s Left, Palestinianism and Jewish Israel

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promotes ‘peace’ talks with the Palestinian Authority (PA). He says Israel will sign a peace agreement—if certain conditions are met. One of his conditions is the Arab recognition of Israel as a Jewish State.

Israeli Leftists do not think such recognition is necessary (“Likud Ministers: Peres Shooting His Mouth Off Again”, Arutz Sheva, January 23, 2014). Some Leftists believe that such a demand is total nonsense (“[Former Mossad chief Meir] Dagan: Demand for Recognition is 'Nonsense”, Arutz Sheva, February 12, 2014).

But while such comments make headlines, they are not newsworthy. The reason is simple: Israel’s Leftists do not want a Jewish Israel. They don’t believe Israel should be Jewish. They don’t care if Israel isn’t Jewish. They’ve been trying to get Israel away from its ‘Jewishness’ for decades.

They don’t want to recognize Israel as a Jewish State. Why would they demand Arabs to do something they themselves won’t do?

But while the Leftists may see this question of a Jewish Israel as irrelevant to the peace process, others do not. For these ‘others’, the question of Israel’s Jewishness is far from irrelevant; it’s the core issue of Palestinianism, which lies at the heart of ‘Palestinian’ statehood.

Palestinianism is the drive to replace Israel with a Muslim entity. It is the drive to drive Jews out of the Levant. For the Muslim, ‘Palestine’ is not to be just another nation. It is to be the crowning symbol of Islamification.

Listen to Muslim clerics. Listen to officials from Hamas and the PA. Better yet, read the Hamas Charter. It’s all there—and it is very, very clear.

It is Palestinianism.

Jews in Israel—including the President and all former Mossad chiefs—have an obligation to demand Arab recognition of Israel as Jewish. This is an obligation because that demand guarantees that Israel survives the current diplomatic war against Israel. It guarantees that, after a ‘Palestine’ is created, Israel remains the home of the Jews. It tells the Muslim that Israel is not interested in being replaced by a Muslim ‘Palestine’. It declares that Israel will be separate. It will be Jewish.

This is why the ‘Palestinians’ say they refuse to accept Israel as Jewish. They don’t want Israel to be separate. They want Israel subsumed under their ‘Palestine’. Recognition of Israel as Jewish would invalidate their ‘Palestinianism’; or, as  PA Executive Committee Member Hanan Ashrawi recently put it, “Recognition of Israel as a Jewish state would mean giving up the rights of Palestinians”, (Haaretz, January 12, 2014).

Think about what she is saying. The most fundamental right of Palestinians is not statehood. It’s Islam. Why else would a PA official call for Jihad in Jerusalem (“PA Minister: Jihad Should be Directed at Jerusalem, Not Syria”, Arutz Sheva, January 22, 2014)? Why else do Muslim officials repeat that Jerusalem, the Temple Mount and the Western Wall are not Jewish, but Islamic?

Palestinianism demands it.

This question of Israel’s Jewishness is not just a negotiation point. It goes to the heart of the ‘Palestinian’ cause, which is based upon the Muslim ‘Palestinianism’, which is the Muslim goal to replace Israel with a Muslim ‘Palestine.’

Israel’s President and high-ranking former military and Intelligence officials know that the desire to un-Jewish lsrael is part of the Arab war against Israel. Like all public and former public officials, they have an obligation to defend and protect the country they serve.

Peres and Dagan should defend their country. They should demand that Israel be recognized as Jewish. To do otherwise  signals to the Muslim that Israel is not interested in being an independent country, separate from Islam. An Israeli indifference to its Jewish identity also signals that Israel is indifferent to being transformed into something else—something not-Jewish.

We all know what ‘not-Jewish’ means in the Muslim Middle East. It means the destruction of the State of Israel.

Shimon Peres and Moshe Dagan may not care about their Jewishness. But as public officials, they have a public duty to defend Israel, despite their personal feelings. Israel’s Jewishness is a war-target. These officials and former officials are obligated to protect that target from Israel’s enemies.

The Left wants to make Israel a secular state. But this is the Middle East. There are no secular states here.

Israel will be either Jewish or Muslim. There are no other options.

For Arab-Israel peace talks, Israel’s Jewishness is not irrelevant, unnecessary or nonsense. It’s the core question. How we answer it will determine if Israel will be Jewish or Islamified.


  1. Peres is radical and will sell out Israel.
    Peres opposed bombing Iraq's nuclear facility in 81.
    Peres opposed Israel going into Jenin in 2002 after Palestinian homicide bombers from Jenin were slaughtering Israeli civilians, including the Passover massacre.
    Peres opposed going into Jenin cause he was more concerned about his legacy and appeasing Arafat who was behind the atrocities of Israeli civilians.
    Peres opposed killing Yassin in 2004.
    Peres wants to divide Jerusalem and give away the Jewish Golan.
    Peres go leave like Barak did. Israel will be so much better off.

  2. Its very important to remember how Peres opposed Israel going into Jenin in 2002, when Israel went into there to stop the Arab Nazi Homicide bombers from slaughtering more Israeli civilians.
    Peres is a total opportunist. Back then even with Arafat ordering terrorist atrocities against Israeli civilians, Peres still kept appeasing Arafat.
    Peres was obsessed with his legacy of Oslo and didn't care how many Jews were slaughtered by Arab terrorists because of Oslo.

    Then when Israel went to defeat the Fatah Terrorists Peres gave a base to with Oslo, Peres showed his true appeasement style.
    Read this article from 2002, which shows how Peres lied cause he was obsessed with appeasing Arafat and Oslo.

    Remember, In 2002 the IDF, once and for all, broke down the terrorist infrastructure in Jenin and either killed the top Arab terrorists and threw the other thugs in jail.
    Peres calls IDF operation in Jenin a 'massacre'
    Ha'aretz ^ | 9 April 2002 | Aluf Benn and Amos Harel

  3. Peres who was the main person behind the Oslo Accords that resulted in the Terror war with thousands of Israelis getting murdered and maimed by PLO terrorists. Now Peres supports Kerry's Surrender Initiative to decapitate and dismember Israel. How convenient.

  4. Hanan Ashrawi the pro terrorist liar wants Israel to be eliminated and to be replaced by Terrorstine
    Ashrawi the hypocrite is the same person who said their were no such thing as Jewish refugees from the Arab countries.
    Here's a great rebuttal to that lie.

    Likewise Ashrawi's Miftah have promoted blood libels against Jews, saying Jews drink the blood of Christians to make Matzah.

    Ashrawi's Miftah also glorified Palestinian female homicide bombers who have murdered defenseless Israeli civilians in restaurants.
    Yet European NGO's continue to give money to this racist Evil Miftah terrorist organization.
    Do these European NGO's support these Palestinian Nazi blood libels against Jews?
    Ashrawi's Miftah promotes blood libel of Jews
    March 28, 2013
    Hanan Ashrawi's Miftah NGO also praises female terrorist
    March 29, 2013

    Hanan Ashrawi also wants European intervention to secure the release of mass murderers Marwan Barghouti and Ahmed Sa’dat.
    Ashrawi calls for release of jailed Fatah, PFLP leaders By KHALED ABU TOAMEH

    Here was the best post about this.
    Ashrawi also wants immunity for Palestinian murderers of Israeli civilians.
    Will EU dhimmis oblige?

    Unesco and Oxfam are 2 of the biggest donors to the racist blood libel organization Miftah.
    Click on the link and you’ll see the biggest donors to Miftah which includes Oxfam.
    Why the Miftah antisemitism story is so important
    March 28, 2013

  5. Harvard’s Ruth Wisse has pointed out in If I Am Not For Myself: The Liberal Betrayal of the Jews, liberals can excuse their own betrayal of Israel by holding it fully responsible for the very hatreds it inspires.

    “In the case of the Arab war against the Jewish state,” Wisse wrote, “obscuring Arab intentions requires identifying Jews as the cause of the conflict. The notion of Jewish responsibility for Arab rejectionism is almost irresistibly attractive to liberals, because the truth otherwise seems so bleak.”