Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Palestinian Authority is racist

Arabs who call themselves ‘Palestinian’ love to call Israel ‘racist’. They’ve done it again today (“Erekat: Israel is 'Racist' and Should be Punished”, Arutz Sheva, February 5, 2014).

Arabs behave this way because they are obsessed with the destruction of Israel. They hate Jews.

Arabs who call themselves ‘Palestinian’ have no interest in peace with Israel. They have no desire for economic cooperation with Israel. They are like the carpenter who has only one tool—a hammer.

You know what life is like for a one-tool carpenter, right? If the only tool you’ve got is a hammer, everything you see looks like a nail.

It’s the same for the so-called ‘Palestinians’. Like that one-tool carpenter, these Arabs have only one thought. They see the world only through one concept. That thought—that concept—is called, Jew-hate.

They are racists. Therefore, every Jew they see is a racist, too.

Here are ten reasons ‘Palestinians’ are racists—and Israelis are not.

  1. Arabs walk in downtown Jerusalem with no fear of being attacked. Jews are warned not to travel to downtown Ramallah. It would be too dangerous for them.
  2. Arabs attend Israeli Universities. Jews cannot attend Arab Universities.
  3. Arabs can become Doctors in Israel—and work as Doctors in Israeli hospitals and health clinics. Jews are not allowed to do that in Arab countries.
  4. Arabs vote in Israel. Jews cannot vote in Arab countries.
  5. Arabs can buy property in Israel. Jews cannot buy property in Arab countries.
  6. Arabs can serve in the Israeli army. Jews cannot serve in Arab armies.
  7. Arab Muslim clerics regularly tell large Arab audiences that Jews are pigs and apes. Rabbis in Israel never speak of Arabs in that way.
  8. Arab clerics tell their followers that killing Jews is a religious mandate for Muslims. Rabbis in Israel say no such thing about Muslims.
  9. Arabs work aggressively to destroy all evidence of ancient Jewish religious life in Israel. Israel passes laws that all religious sites in Israel are to be protected.
  10. Arabs say that the new state of ‘Palestine’ will be Jew-free. No Jews allowed. Today, more than 20 per cent of Israel’s population is Arab.

The ‘Palestinian’ Authority is corrupt. It is riddled with Jew-hate. Its policies promote Jew-hate. Its daily activities towards Jews  meet the definition of ‘racism’.
If you doubt this, spend a week reading The 'Palestinian' racism is all there--in their own words, in Arabic, translated for your reading pleasure.
What you see and hear on identifies the ‘Palestinian’  Authority as immoral. It renders the 'Palestinian' statehood enterprise racist.
By definition, anything based on racism is immoral. 'Palestinianism' itself is based on racism. Watch 'Palestinianism' is racist--and immoral.

The Arab racist has a rabid, bloodthirsty Jew-hate. He does not hide it. He does not pretend to be something else. He has no shame, no honour and no morality other than, kill the Jew, destroy Judaism and remove Israel from the world.

That’s his ‘cause’. It’s racist.

If you want more evidence of Arab racism, here are six questions you should ask:

1`How many Jews are patients in ‘Palestinian’ medical centers?  The answer is, zero.

2. How many ‘Palestinians’ are patients in Israeli hospitals? The answer is, hundreds, if not thousands.

3. How many Jews are in lawyers in the Palestinian Authority? Close to zero.

4. How many Arabs work as licensed Israeli lawyers? The answer is, a lot.

5. How many Jews serve as judges on Arab Supreme Courts? The answer is, zero.

6. How many Arabs serve on Israel’s High Court? The answer is, one.

That should give you a clear picture of who is the racist in this place.

Israel is not racist. Arabs in Israel have more rights in Israel than in any Arab country. Arabs in Israel have a safer, higher quality of life in Israel than in any Arab country.

Arabs in Israel have more freedom in Israel than in any Arab country.

Israel is not racist. 'Palestinians’ are racist. The ‘Palestinian’ Authority is racist. The 'Palestinian' cause is racist.

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