Monday, February 10, 2014

The Palestinian cause: where a lie becomes truth

In today’s Middle East, the truth is under siege. Muslims cannot abide the truth. They hate the truth. It’s awful. It doesn’t favour ‘Palestinianism’. 

‘Palestinianism’ promotes a lie. It depends upon a lie. It is founded upon a lie.

That lie says Israel is a foreign occupier. Israel is an illegal colony for racist Jewish imperialism (see Article 22 of the PLO Charter).  

The Muslim wants you to believe that Jews have no place in the Middle East. Jews brutalize the native Arab. To make sure you get this point, Muslim manipulate the news for your political benefit.

For example, look at a recent news story about a clash between Arab youth and Israel Police. Israel news reported that a group of Muslim youth recently came out of Friday prayers at the Temple Mount Mosque and began to throw stones at Temple Mount (Jewish) police. This is not uncommon. Police on the Mount face this regularly. This time, however, Police reinforcements ascended to the Mount. They arrested 18 Arabs. The Israel news headline read, “Post-Prayer Disorders on Temple Mount”, Arutz Sheva, February 7, 2014).

The Palestinian Authority (PA) news site also reported on this incident. But it used a different headline that presented a different focus. That headline said, “18 injured as Israeli forces raid Al-Aqsa after prayers” (February 7, 2014).

Consider the difference. The Israel headline focused on an ‘after-prayer’ incident, or disorder. The PA headline focused on a ‘raid’ by ‘Israeli forces’ on Al-Aqsa (Al-Aqsa is the Arab identity for the Temple Mount).

If you, as a Western reader, don’t understand the significance of such language, pro-Muslim readers of this Arab story understood full well what that PA headline meant. As one reader commented, “How much backing does Israel receive from the Free Masons/Illuminati (sic) to cause such mayhem and terrorism against Islamic worshippers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque?”

That reader understood what the point of the PA story: Jews use force to attack innocent Muslims right after prayers at the Holy Al-Aqsa!

The only picture the Arab Muslim wants you to see is Israeli brutality.  Arabs are never responsible or culpable for their plight. It is only the Jew who causes mayhem against innocent Muslims.

Another reader put it this way: dozens of Israeli soldiers raided the compound and fired tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets at worshipers. Who is hurting the other?

The message of the medium (the PA news site) was clearly understood: Israelis are brutal. Arabs are victims.

But in this particular incident, the Arab also reveals the truth. Look at how Hamas news reported this same story. Their headline read, ”Hamas condemns Israeli attacks on activists, Aqsa Mosque”, (February 8, 2014).

This is an interesting presentation of that incident because ‘activists’ is a code phrase. It does not refer to innocent worshippers exiting from worship. It refers to youth who throw stones at Jews and burn tires to protest against Jews. It identifies for the pro-Arab reader what was the nature of the incident: an ‘active’ protest against Jews. ‘Active’ means ‘violence’.

The Hamas headline, in other words, reveals the truth of the incident. ‘Activists’ were up on the Temple Mount. Because they are described as ‘activists’, we understand they were attacking, perhaps (as is customary) throwing stones at Jews (in this instance, Jewish police). 

That’s what this incident was all about. It was ‘active’ resistance—meaning, violence against the Jew. What happened on the Temple Mount was not a random and unprovoked ‘raid’ by Israeli ‘forces’ against innocent Arabs who just happened to be exiting from weekly prayer. It was an ‘activist’ event. It was staged violence.

The Hamas news service didn’t attempt to accuse Israel of provoking the raid. Instead, it used the incident for its own political ends—continuing attack against Israel: it declared that “such desperate attempts [by Israel] would not succeed in breaking the willpower and steadfastness of the Palestinian masses”.

Here we have the truth. ‘Activists’ provoke a Police ‘attack’. 18 youth were arrested. The ‘Palestinian movement’ (how Hamas characterized itself in its report) then announced that such attacks against the Arab are desperate actions by the enemy Israel. These attacks against Arabs, the ‘movement’ claimed, only strengthen ‘Palestinian’ resolve to fight the Jew.

It’s classic ‘rally the troops’ propaganda. If you have ever read Communist reports of Communist-vs-anti-communist clashes, you understand such a reporting technique. It isn’t truth at all. It’s propaganda. It’s using reality (a clash with Police) to sell a fiction (Israel is brutal).

That’s not truth. It’s political manipulation.

Here’s a question for you. The ‘Palestinians’ constantly tell you that their ‘cause’ is both moral and just. But if that’s true, why does it distort the truth?

Only causes that are immoral will distort the truth. Only causes that are unjust will lie to you.


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