Tuesday, February 25, 2014

‘Palestinian’ moral perversion

Morality is about right and wrong. It teaches us how to live with dignity. It is the standard which defines us.

But when it comes to Jews, morality changes. It stops being a guide. It gets perverted. It becomes propaganda.

As German Chancellor Angella Merkel arrives in Israel for an official visit, ‘Palestinians’ do not welcome her. They attack her. They attack her morality (“Germany's immoral stance toward the Palestinians”, The Palestinian Information Center, February 24, 2014).

One hallmark of morality-as-propaganda is the absence of truth. You cannot claim to be moral if you lie, exaggerate, distort or misrepresent. But you do all of these things when you create propaganda.

The current ‘moral’ attack on Merkel is riddled with untruths, exaggerations and distortions. For example, it censures Merkel for ‘currying up’ to a psychopath. The ‘psychopath’ is Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Moral people do not call others ‘psychopath’. If they do use that label, they are careful to be truthful about so vile an accusation.  They cite evidence.

This ‘Palestinian’ attack cites no evidence. It just labels, libels and accuses.

It accuses Merkel of immorality. In the process, it libels Israel; it claims Merkel brazenly embraces “Israel's most rabidly criminal policies against the helpless Palestinians, the indirect but ultimate victims of German Nazism.”

This accusation exaggerates. What is a ‘rabid’ national policy?  What is a rabidly criminal national policy?

This accusation misrepresents. ‘Palestinians are not ‘helpless’. They control Gaza. They control all the Palestinian Authority territories.

This accusation distorts history. ‘Palestinians’ are not the ultimate victims of German Nazism. ‘Palestinians’ have no connection to German Nazism.

Morality does not distort history. Morality does not exaggerate. Morality rejects such behaviours as immoral.

But morality-as-propaganda relies on lies. It depends upon distortion and exaggeration.

‘Palestinians’ not only focus on lies, misrepresentation and distortion. They embrace them. They embrace propaganda. They embrace the immoral.

Distortion, demonization, dehumanization and exaggeration are ‘Palestinian’ hallmarks. For example, this current attack on Chancellor Merkel claims she debases herself by meeting with Israel’s cabinet because “the Israeli cabinet includes some of the most racist of all racists under the sun since Adam and Eve.”

Invoking Adam and Eve is not a moral argument. It’s an exaggeration. Its purpose is to demonize the Israeli cabinet.

Demonization is not morality. It is related instead to dehumanization, racism and hate-speech. None of these behaviours is moral. All are immoral. All are tools of ‘Palestinian’ propaganda.

All are used by ‘Palestinians’ to support their ‘moral’ case against Israel. For example, this current attack against Merkel refers to ‘Jewish Nazism’ and criticizes Germany for being “absolutely malicious and wrong to atone for one holocaust by enabling Israel to commit another holocaust against the peoples of the Middle East.”

No proof is offered that Jews are Nazis. No evidence is showcased to show how Israel’s behaviour replicates the Nazi Holocaust in the Middle East.

Such analysis isn’t necessary. Accuracy and truth are not the point here. The point here is to demonize the Jew.

Morality does not demonize. It rejects such behaviour as immoral.

The ‘Palestinian’ moral cause also uses dehumanization. For example, in this Merkel attack, the claim appears that, “Nothing, absolutely nothing would shut the barking mouths of rabid Zionist Jews.”

When you suggest that Jews are ‘rabid barking dogs’ (the essential message of this sentence), you dehumanize. That’s not truth. It’s not morality. It’s hate.

When you study the use of demonization and dehumanization in propaganda, you discover that this type of language has a purpose. It is almost always used by a nation or a group to incite its population to war--and to prepare that population for war by reducing the inhibition to kill: it is far easier to kill a rabid barking dog than a human being.

This kind of language does not suggest morality. It is, by definition, immoral.

As an English-reader, you may be familiar with an old Anglo saying: you can put lipstick on a pig; but it’s still a pig.

The same is true for the ‘Palestinian’ moral cause. ‘Palestinians’ and their enablers wrap themselves in morality. They won’t stop talking about their ‘moral cause’.

Their morality, like lipstick on that pig, is intended to beautify something ugly. But distortion, exaggeration, lying, demonization and dehumanization are never moral. They are always immoral. They are always ugly.

The only result you get when you claim morality but behave immorally is to debase morality. You pervert morality.  You become ugly in the eyes of G-d.  

When you demonize Jews, you become that ugly. When you dehumanize Jews, you climb into bed with perversion.

When you climb into bed with an anti-Jewish perversion, be careful. The G-d of Israel watches you.



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