Wednesday, February 7, 2018

What SJP really stands for

SJP is a student organization that runs 189 branches on American college campuses. The letters, 'SJP' stand for, 'Students for Justice for Palestine'.  Supposedly, this organization fights for "freedom, justice and equality for the Palestinian people" (Homepage-about us, nationalsjp, no date, retrieved February 6, 2018).  SJP states on its Homepage that it is "against homophobia, mysogyny, racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, classicism, colonialism, ableism and bigotry and discrimination of any kind" (ibid). 

But these aren't what SJP really wants to fight against. Its members understand what the SJP wants--and they haven't been shy about what they seek as SJP members.

As you'll see in the first of two videos below, the students of the SJP have a passion that is not new. It's very old.

Can you imagine what that passion is?

The first video is brief (2:21). It comes from a site called, canarymission. Like SJP, canarymission is a student campus organization. The goal of canarymission is to document people and groups on college campuses which promote the hatred of the USA, Israel and Jews (canarymission, Homepage). This video is from their website.

Beware: some of the images in this video are very disturbing.

The video is called, "Shocking video: SJP and the Holocaust", canarymission, January 22, 2018: 

Yes, the SJP says it wants justice for Palestine. But it's member and followers understand full well what the organization's real passion is. They reveal their secret in the twitter comments you've just seen.

Caroline Glick understands why the SJP members you've just seen appear to have this blood lust to see Jews die. She explains what she means in a video, "Why the Jews? Caroline Glick explains the roots of genocidal Jew hatred", youtube, January 19, 2014. It's not a short video (14:51) , so If you don't want to watch all of it, focus only on the section between 1:33-3:32.

You might want to remember these two videos. They  remind us all that what the SJP wants is neither unique, surprising  or a shock. What the SJP wants has been with us for millenia. 

Like many before them, these supporters of SJP carry a blood lust that has impassioned every generation for more than  2,500 years. It is, as Ms Glick suggests, a passion that focuses on Jews.  

Russian Cossacks had this passion. Polish peasants had this passion. The Nazis had this passion. 

Now, it's the SJP that has this passion. 

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