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Peace with Israel--'Palestinian' style

Once again, the Palestinian Authority has had its 'peace' mask ripped off (Bassam Tawil, "Palestinians: Abbas's lies and falling mask", gatestoneinstitute, February 14, 2018). The reason for no peace in this region isn't Israel. The reason for no peace here is Palestinian hate, incitement and indoctrination against Israel (Gregg Roman, "UNRWA: the greatest obstacle to peace", israelhayom, February 7, 2018). 

The Palestinian lie about 'peace' won 't go away. Abbas still today says he wants to pursue peace talks with Israel ("Defying US, Abbas seeks greater role for Russia in peace talks", dailysabah, February 8, 2018). But that's a lie, as you'll see in a moment. 

Unmasking the Abbas peace lie doesn't require a PhD in some arcane subject. All you have to do is look at a map. 

You may have seen the map below before. You might want to look again. Why? 

So long as Mahmoud Abbas continues to go to the United Nations to declare that he wants "to live in peace and security side by side with Israel" (Full text: Palestinian President Mahamoud Abbas' address to UN General Assembly", haaretz, September 20,  2017), you need to see the maps below to understand that he lies. 

The video I have for you today is very short. It's less than two minutes. It asks a simple question: if Palestinians want to live side-by-side in peace beside Israel (as they claim to the UN), why do they always erase Israel from all their maps?

Good question, right?

To one who understands what a map of modern Israel looks like, this question about erasing Israel isn't just about erasure. It's about something else, too. It's also about replacing Israel with the Palestinian's 'Palestine'.  

This dream of erasure/replacement is illustrated clearly by Palestinian maps. All the maps of Palestine show Israel being replaced.

That's not a dream of peace. It's the embodiment of conquest.

To see how this erasure/replacement works, start first with a map of modern Israel:

  Image result for the map of modern Israel
courtesy of stockmapagency  

The map of Israel is the purple and light-green portions of this map. Notice the following items:

-there is a  'thumb' portion of Israel that sticks up, in the upper right-side of the map, where you'll see Israel's northern border. That border isn't a straight line. It's only partially straight--until it gets to the part that sticks up. See it? Remember that 'thumb'. You'll see it often on the maps of the Palestinians' Palestine. 

-Notice the light green portion in the middle of the map, labelled 'West Bank'. That portion of the map hollows out the center portion of Israel. The far right side of that light green portion is an almost straight up-down (north-south) red line. See that? Visualize this map with no light green portion, but with that straight up-down line (border) from the very top of the map to the very bottom. Visualize this eastern border as a simple straight line top-to-bottom. 

-Notice the left-side (Western) border. That border is shaped by Israel's coastline with the Mediterranean Sea. Look at the small 'notch' (or, indentation) just below the top line. See it?Remember how it reaches all the way north. Remember it because you'll see it often on the maps of the Palestinians' Palestine. 

Notice how, where the southern (bottom) border begins its travel up the coastline--the border makes an almost sharply angled turn to head north. You'll see that, too, on Palestinians' maps of Palestine.

-Notice the southern-most (bottom) portion of the map. The bottom of Israel looks like a 'V'. Remember that, too.

Now look at a map of the 'Palestine' the Arabs say they want as their own state. Compare this map below with the map of Israel above:

Image result for palestine map 2016
courtesy of palestinianmediawatch

This map of Palestine is not an exact image of Israel. It's somewhat stylized, which means that it isn't designed to conform precisely to an actual map. 

But this mildly stylized picture is close enough to an accurate map of Israel for you to see how the major geographic features of Israel (in the first map above) match almost exactly the major features here: the 'thumb' that sticks up on the northern border; an almost straight line down on the right side (eastern border); the coastline on the left, with the 'notch' near the top; the deep 'V' at the bottom of the map; and the sharp angle on the left side of the green portion of the map as the border begins its run north along what is (in real life) the coastline.

The map of 'Palestine' is actually the map of Israel. This map of Palestine sometimes gets highly stylized. This means that, sometimes, an artistic rendering of the map of Palestine omits some feature or other of the map of Israel. But all Palestinian map contain at least three of those features. 

'Palestine' is not featured as side-by-side with Israel. It is featured as a replacement of Israel.  

To see this stylization of the Israeli map as 'Palestine', take a look at the video below. It's short, as mentioned above. This video is less than 2 minutes. It's from the  website, elderofzyion. It's called, "Peace--Palestinian style". It's dated September 4, 2011. 

The maps you are about to see are part of logo designs for Palestinian clubs and organizations. These logos appear  throughout the Palestinian Authority. 

In each logo, the map of Palestine is rendered in strong colors. For example,  the first map you're about to see is all red, and right in the middle of the logo. The second map is black, the third map is green, etc. 

Some of the maps, like the first (red) one you'll see, appear fairly accurate. The second map is squared off, but still shows something of the general shape, etc.

Take a look:

These maps of the new Arab-Muslim state of Palestine simultaneously erase Israel and replace Israel. This representation of the conquest of Israel is the source of the question: if the Palestinians really want to live side-by-side with Israel in peace, why do Palestinian maps always erase and replace Israel?

Can you explain that? 

The explanation is simple: the Palestinian goal has nothing to do with peace. That goal is about conquest. 

Abbas lies. These maps unmask him. 

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