Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Violence and tragedy: where the answer is more important than the question

A reader has sent to me the following.  All she knows about this is, she received it from a friend. She sent it to me. 

That's all I know. 

She has  sent a question and an answer. The question might have been prompted by a recent attack in a school in America. It was a terrible, horrible attack.

This question is a good one. It's one that can be asked any time regarding any school anywhere in the world. 

It's a question that's been asked many times. It makes people think about G-d. It makes many people angry at G-d. 

But that anger is wrong. That anger is misplaced--very misplaced.  

What's important about this question isn't the anger it generates. It's the answer that's important. 

It's a simple answer. It applies to all of us. It applies to all of our schools anywhere around the world.

Please page down:

Simple enough, yes?

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