Wednesday, February 21, 2018

How to avoid Israeli brutality

You've probably heard about Israeli 'brutality'. This is a favored claim promoted by officials of the Palestinian Authority (PA) against Israel. You often see such accusations after a PA-inspired confrontation between Arabs--usually involving teens--and IDF soldiers has ended with Arab casualties.

In such instances, the headlines are clear: "Palestinian teen killed by IDF". 

Ah, yes, you are expected to say to yourself: another Arab victim of Israeli brutality.

What has typically happened in these incidents is that an Arab teenager who has set out to attack IDF soldiers--either alone or as part of a group--gets himself seriously injured or killed by the IDF. Of course, this is what usually happens when you use a knife to attack someone with a gun. But when this accusation of 'brutality' is made, few ask, what was that teenager doing participating in that confrontation in the first place?

No one needs to ask this question because the teen's parents are usually quoted as saying, their teenager wasn't part of the confrontation. He wasn't involved. The teen was simply on his way to the market for some milk when an IDF soldier shot him. 

From the PA's point of view, all Arab teens are innocent. All IDF soldiers are brutal animals. 

Arab teens wouldn't hurt anyone. Israelis, however, are different. They shoot Arab children walking to the market.

This Israeli brutality is horrible. Can it be prevented? The Israeli studio, Rogatka Productions, says, yes. That brutality can indeed be stopped.

This studio has made a video to explain it for you. The video is short--48 seconds.  

I found this video on the website, frontpagemag. The title is, "How to avoid Israeli brutality", February 21, 2018.

Take a look:


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