Sunday, December 31, 2017

The difference between Israelis and 'Palestinians'

(Last update: January 1, 2018)

  (This essay is politically incorrect. It doesn't attempt to achieve a moral equivalence. It simply tells a truth)  

Since the end of the first week of December, 2017, Arab Muslims who call themselves 'Palestinian' have been rioting against Israel. They riot because in early December, 2017 the US recognized Jerusalem as the Jewish capital of the Jewish  Israel. These Arab Muslims riot because they believe Israel has no sovereign rights over Jerusalem.

'Palestinians' rage for Western cameras. They seethe with rage because they've been taught that only 'Palestinians' have rights in Jerusalem. Only 'Palestinians', they claim, have the right to 'be recognized'.

They say only the 'Palestinian'  has the right to exist. Only the 'Palestinian' has legitimacy. Only the 'Palestinian' has the right to live on the land "between the River and the Sea".

They claim as theirs everything that exists in Israel. They rage because they own next to nothing in Israel.  

That's why they burn tires in their own neighborhoods. That's why they throw stones  and firebombs.  

Palestinian demonstrator hurls stones toward Israeli troops during clashes at a protest near the West Bank city of Nablus
from:  "Thousands of Palestinians take part in anti-Trump  protests", reuters, December 29, 2017)

Israelis don't 'rage'. They don't plug up their neighborhood streets with burning tires. They don't litter their own streets with rocks. They don't march in the street and call for murder. 

'Palestinians' make videos that extol the virtues of killing Jews. Israelis make videos that extol the virtue of helping people.  

The two videos below illustrates this point. The first video comes from an Israeli. It's called, "Innovation Africa: Bringing Israeli innovations to African villages", youtube , May 4, 2017. It's 3:14 in length.

The second video comes from a 'Palestinian' social organization. It's very different from the Israeli video.

Take a look at this Israeli video. It is not something you'll see posted by any individual 'Palestinian', social organization or 'Palestinian' company:  

In the Palestinian Authority, Palestinians aren't taught to innovate. They aren't taught to solve problems. They aren't taught to care about humanity's welfare.

They're taught to hate. They're taught to riot. They're taught to attack Jews.

Are they taught anything else?

Take a look now at  the second video. It comes to you courtesy of Palestinian Media WatchPlease note two points: (1), the length of the video is short--1:04--but the sound only begins at app 0:14;  and (2), you'll need to stop the video at 0:57, to learn what the term, 'so what' means (to see the time, you'll need to expand the screen to 'full screen ' by clicking on the 'box' at the bottom right of the video): 

                       from: Itamar Marcus, Nan Jaques Zilberdik, "Little girl demonstrates art of stabbing [Jews]", palwatch, November 15, 2015  

Jewish organizations do not post such videos. Jews also don't post suggestive images such as the one directly below, posted on a 'Palestinian' Facebook page (ibid):

                               Pictured: Jew with skullcap about to be stabbed by a knife-wielding 'Palestinian'.

When a 'Palestinian' posts a picture like this, he's celebrated. If a Jew tried to post such a picture, he'd be arrested.

'Palestinian' culture is different from Israeli culture. It's a   difference that marks the irreconcilable gap between barbarism and civilization.

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