Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Political cartoons from Israel: December 17-19, 2017

Around the world, everyone seems to be telling Israel how bad life is over here in Israel. They say that because they're only seeing what they want to see, even if it's fake: Arabs rioting against Jews, Israelis 'being cruel to innocent' Arabs, and US President Donald Trump destroying peace with his announcement recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. But they're all wrong.

No one, especially in the media, seems to have asked Israel how we feel we're doing in the face of all the 'rioting'. Most of the world's media doesn't seem to realize that most of the rioting isn't in the Jewish Jerusalem, the epicenter of the anti-Trump uproar. The rioting isn't even in most other Jewish cities in Israel.

Mostly, the rioting is in Arab-inhabited areas. Mostly, it's Arabs throwing stones at Israeli soldiers somewhere away from Jewish-populated areas. Mostly, it's orchestrated fake news, organized  more for the anti-Israel pictures that will get snapped than for any diplomatic effort to oppose Trump. 

No one, most especially in the world media, understands much about how such rioting unfolds here. Certainly, few in the world's media understand how Israelis view this tumult. 

No one is interested. They're too busy filming Arabs rioting in--or a stone's throw away from--Arab enclaves.

Take a look at two political cartoons from Israel regarding how our Arab enemies are behaving. The implied opinion embedded in these cartoons may be different from what you see in your own mainstream media:

from, Diroug, arutzsheva, no date, retrieved  December 19, 2017


from: Shlomo Cohen, israelhayom, December 19, 2017

Altogether, Israel isn't particularly impressed by how our Arab enemies are handling the US recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel. Arab leaders claim that Trump--and/or the Israelis--stole Jerusalem. But that's nonsense. All Trump did was acknowledge what everyone already knows but is too afraid to say: Israel's main state government is housed in Jerusalem. All diplomacy is done in Jerusalem. All governing is done from Jerusalem--just like in any other capital city all over the planet.

Our local Arab leaders can't stand to hear that. They claim Jerusalem for themselves. They even lie about Jerusalem's connection to Jews to make their case.

When Trump tells the truth about Jerusalem, these Arab leaders react in a manner that is at once unprofessional and childish. Their efforts make them look silly. 

If you're trying to understand why 'Palestinian' leaders don't already have a state, these cartoons pretty much tell you why. These leaders are so focused on Jew-hate, they have no clue how clueless they are about professional diplomacy, statecraft and the basic elements of nation-building. 

These Arab leaders have failed to learn the first and most obvious lesson in nation-building: you will never build any kind of survivable nation on promises to destroy someone else's nation.

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