Sunday, December 10, 2017

Does mainstream media unhinge over Trump recognizing Israel?

Last week, US President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Mainstream media around the world immediately panned that decision. 

Trump, it was suggested, would provoke nothing good, everything bad. Trump was a fool to do this. He would destroy peace. He could destroy America. He would destroy Israel. He was mental.

That assessment seemed universal. Almost everyone agreed: Donald Trump was bringing an end to Western, democratized civilization as we know it. If he wasn't doing that, then he was certainly bringing an end to peace in the Middle East. Trump's announcement was a match that would ignite Jerusalem and burn it to the ground.

It didn't happen. The media-hyped Apocalypse didn't happen. Wild Arab rioting in Israel didn't happen. 

The mainstream media made it look like that was happening. But most of the pictures you saw weren't about Arabs attacking Jerusalem. They were about Arabs stoning--for the most part--their own neighborhoods. 

It's how Arabs riot in Israel. They stay close to home.

Now, we're some fours days out from Trump's announcement. Now, it's suppertime in Israel. It's 6 pm Sunday, December 10, 2017. Israel's news outlets are underwhelmed by the mainstream's supposed apocalypse (Joshua Davidovich, “Apocalypse some other time”, timesofisrael, December 10,  2017). Arab response to Trump has actually--so far--been far, far from  'apocalyptic'.

As one essayist here has said, "Newsflash: Jerusalem not on fire!" (Bassam Tawil at gatestoneinstitute, December 10, 2017). In some instances, there seemed to be more journalists than protesters at a protest (ibid).  

Of course, we don't know what the rest of this new week will bring. But the response of the Arab street has seriously undercut mainstream media's anti-Israel, anti-Trump hysteria. 

Could those of us who live in Israel know something the anti-Israel mainstream media doesn't know? I think we do. We know the truth.

If you live in exile, my advice is simple. If you want to get a handle on what's going on in Middle East news these days, stop listening to or reading mainstream news. 

 That news is disconnected from reality. It's truly unreal.

When the mainstream gets this unhinged with its news coverage, it's time for a change. It's time for a cartoon. 

Yes, a cartoon. A cartoon is easy to understand. It tells it's story simply. If it's a good cartoon, it'll tell you the truth.

Here's a cartoon for you. It tells a truth about the mainstream  media (please page down):

From:  Steven  Hayward, "The week in pictures; 'The conversation' edition'", powerline, December 9, 2017. Note: the cartoonist's name is at the left border. There is additional information about the source of the cartoon below the cartoonist's name. 

Trump is what? Like Hitler? 

Can the media explain why Trump, who just did something to help the Jewish Israel, is exactly like a man who wanted to  annihilate all Jews (Matt Vespa, "MSNBC reporter: Trump is acting like Mussolini, Franco and Hitler", townhall, December 9, 2017)? The media can't--at least, not with a straight face (Kyle Smith, "Trump vs Hitler", nationalreview, October 19, 2017). 

The media unhinges itself (Dan Gainor, "Media goes crazy over Trump announcement on Jerusalem, CNN's sloppy mistake and other journalism disasters", foxnews, December 9, 2017). It can't think straight any more. It renders itself incapable of rational thought. 

Has Trump driven the media to madness? 

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