Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The UN has become a Temple of Tyrants, not Peacemakers

Once upon a time, the United Nations believed in human rights for everyone, everywhere. It believed in fighting against acts of aggression, everywhere. Once upon a time, the United Nations believed it could end war. 

We know the UN believed it could do all these things because its Member states put all of this into its founding document, the UN Charter (June 26, 1945). This Charter was--and still is--clear: the UN had been created to end the horrors of war. 

It has proven to be a fool's dream. Since 1945, the world has not seen an end to war. It's seen more war. 

The UN dreamed of universal human rights. It dreamed of universal equal rights. It declared that these rights for all were "the foundation of freedom, justice and peace [emphasis added]" (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Preamble, un.org, December 10, 1948). 

It was a futile declaration. Since 1945, freedom, justice and peace have neither taken root nor flourished. They've been poisoned by tyranny, dictatorship, hate and persistent acts of genocide.   

The UN dreamed of 'democracy' for all. 'Democracy', the UN declared, was a universal ideal ("Democracy: Overview", United Nations, un.org, no dateretrieved November 13, 2017). The UN declared 'democracy' to be one of its core values and principles (ibid)

This ideal called, 'Democracy' has failed. It's become more of a trickster's game than a politician's goal.Today, it's an empty principle. it's a meaningless value. 

'Democracy' in the world does not advance. it retreats ("Freedom in the world 2017", freedomhouse, 2017). 

Look at the United Nations today. Look at how it spends its time and money. Look at who gets to set the agenda. Do that, and you might come to three conclusions. 

First, those who control the UN are no longer the world's most powerful democracies--that is, people truly interested in freedom and democracy because they practice it themselves. Today, the UN is led by some of the world's biggest despots and human rights abusers (freedomhouse, ibid). They don't have a clue about what human rights or freedom look like. 

They run the UN like foxes in a hen house. They look after their own lusts, not the welfare of the inhabitants.

The second conclusion you might come to is that the UN no longer involves itself with protecting the poor and the endangered. Today, one might argue, the UN has become a predator among the weak, the poor and the endangered (Chris McGreal, "What's the point of peacekeepers when they don't keep the peace?, guardian, September 17, 2015). 

The third conclusion you might come to is that the UN today has become the world's foremost international provocateur for Jew-hate. The UN spends too many billions on programs, committees and reports that demonize Israel, and too little  money on fighting the despots who control the UN agenda (see freedomhouse, above).

Once upon a time, the UN was founded because the horrors and atrocities of the Second World War had been so devastating for so many ("Why was the United Nations established?", theholocaustexplained, 2016, retrieved November 21, 2017). Once upon a time, the UN aimed to show the world a vision of what the world should be (ibid). 

No longer. The United Nations is no longer our moral voice. It is no longer our guardian angel. It's not a place where lovers of Peace gather to build peace. It's become a Temple of Tyrants who seek only power and conquest.

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