Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Fake humanitarians say 'peace', then--'destroy Israel'

If you've ever read about the world's leading humanitarian organization, the United Nations, you'd know the UN works, in theory at least, to eliminate human rights abuses. The UN says it is committed to protecting humanity. 

Well, the UN may want to protect humanity. But it will not protect Israel. 

For Israel, the UN chooses hate, not protection (Eldad Benari, "Liberman: UNHRC 'the Council of Hatred of Israel'", arutzsheva, February 24, 2017).

The UN will not accept that Israel is the freest, most democratic nation in the Middle East. Israel receives this designation year-after-year from an independent, non-political source ("Freedom in the world, annual report", Freedom House). But, somehow, the UN refuses to acknowledge Israel's freedoms. It refuses to acknowledge that Israel grants Arabs more rights and freedoms than any Arab country ("Arabs and Muslims in Israel", middle-east-info). 

In recent decades, the UN has been taken over--conquered, if you will. It's now dominated by an Islamic voting bloc made up of undemocratic tyrannies ruled by dictators. These despots hate freedom. They reject human rights for the people they rule. They govern with Apartheid cruelty in their own countries. 

They bring their tyranny to the UN. They outvote 'freedom'. They vote against 'democracy'. 

They promote tyranny for the Middle East's Jews. They vote against the only democracy in the Middle East. They condemn Israel. 

They demand the UN pass anti-Israel votes. They demand the UN to sanctify the evil they embrace (Isi Leibler, "Candidly speaking: the UN sanctifies evil", jerusalempost, April 5, 2016). 

To its eternal disgrace, the UN goes along with this evil. It regularly passes evil decrees against the Jewish State (ibid).

Once, the UN was famous for its human rights humanitarianism. Today, its humanitarianism is nothing more than a cover for corruption and Jew-hate. When the UN weaponizes 'human rights' to attack Israel, it loses its 'humanitarianism'.   

As these fake humanitarians attack Israel, Jews in Israel get slaughtered: Israeli Jews have been hacked to death (in 2015-16), slaughtered in synagogues (2014), mowed down with automobiles (2015-16), and shot in front of their children (2015-16) (Anne Bayefsky, "You can't make this up. UN names democratic Israel as world's top human rights violator", foxnews, March 29, 2016). Yet at the UN, it is Israel that is evil, not those who kill Israelis.

It's come to this: Jew-haters now argue that if mankind wants to survive as a civilized community, Israel must be destroyed. Their argument is, the destruction of the Jewish state is a human necessity--much like you'd have to destroy a mad dog to protect a community (John Kaminski "Israel must be destroyed like a mad dog that should be euthanized", darkmoon, August 16, 2014). 

These humanitarians say they want peace. They argue that if Israel isn't destroyed, civilized Man will be powerless to prevent an unprecedented Jew-inspired global catastrophe for 'human civilization' (ibid). 

The Palestinian Authority promotes this Jew-conspiracy . It declares that Israel is responsible for evil in the world ("PLO Official: Global terror is the result of organized international terror carried out by Israel", official PLO daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, July 309, 2016, palwatch). It calls to destroy this evil. 

The UN approves.

The loudest cheerleader for genocide against the Jews in today's world is the 'Free Palestine' Movement. Not surprisingly, the greatest supporters of this evil movement are the humanitarian racists who work at the UN (Manfred Gerstenfeld, "Beware the humanitarian racist", ynet, January 23, 2012). 

These fake humanitarians don't want peace. They don't care about human rights. They want a Jew-free world.

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