Thursday, November 30, 2017

Caught on camera: hypocrisy at the UN

Here's a video ensemble that illustrates how the UN works to destroy its own reputation. It's just appeared at the website, humanrightsvoices ("Hypocrisy of Israel's enemies caught on camera @UN, NYC", November 29, 2017). The video is short. It's less than 5 minutes.

Full disclosure: the contents of the video was gathered November 14, 2017--a date you will see in a moment. The completed video appeared on humanrightsvoices on November 29, 2017.

This video presents a montage of declarations made by UN Ambassadors from countries which have voted to criticize Israel for alleged human rights violations. Their votes against Israel are classified as "country-specific resolutions on a human rights issue". The aim of these votes has typically been to punish Israel, to demonize Israel or do both. 

As you watch this video, consider two questions:

-What point do these declarations make about country-specific human rights resolutions?

-Do these declarations apply to all UN Member States equally? 

Take a look:

At the UN, countries stand on principle against country-specific resolutions on human rights issues. According the words you've just heard, such a practice is a violation of the principle of objectivity. Such resolutions are unprincipled because they are politicized--and insult the country concerned. 

These country-specific resolutions are said also to violate the principle of non-double standards. They are not helpful. They destroy the atmosphere of dialogue, understanding, mutual respect and cooperation. 

They are, in other words, unacceptable.

The Ambassadors you have just seen stand on principle to defend countries like Syria, Iran or North Korea--countries which, arguably are among the world's greatest human rights violators. But when it comes to Israel, the Middle  East's only democracy, such principle evaporates. 

Suddenly, criticizing Israel for alleged human rights violations does not affect dialogue, understanding, mutual respect and cooperation.  When it comes to Israel, the more hostile the resolution, the better. The greater the insult to Israel, the better. 

These same Ambassadors--so principled to object to country-specific human rights resolutions when Israel is not a target--don't seem to object to such resolutions when Israel is the target. They protect North Korea, Iran and Syria, then vote against Israel.

Sounds like hypocrisy, doesn't it.

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