Monday, February 13, 2017

Why Trump stopped a Palestinian from becoming a UN envoy

Here's a video I've received from a reader. It's about Trump at the UN. It provides some background to the essay I published yesterday, "Will there be a real Trump-Israel alliance, or not?"

This video, 3:11 long, addresses only Trump's apparent reasons for refusing to approve a former 'Palestinian Authority' Prime Minister to become a UN envoy (ibid). The additional information provided here is useful. It reveals something about how an anti-Israel UN thinks about Israel. It may also reveal something about how Trump may deal with that kind of 'thinking'.

The video appears to come from a Christian pro-Israel source. It's quotations seem accurate.

Take a look. It was posted on February 13, 2017. 

This video suggests a strong, focused pro-Israel Trump. It suggests a US President not easily fooled--or intimidated--when dealing with Israel-related issues at the UN.

Is that a correct assessment of Trump? 

We're going to start the discovery process for this question on Wednesday, February 15, 2017. That's the day Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet for the first time with the newly-elected Trump. 

Netanyahu will get to make his own assessment of the new US President. We in Israel, meanwhile, will also get to make our own assessment--of Netanyahu.

One question some are asking in Israel is this: with regard to Judea-Samaria, is Trump more pro-Israel than Netanyahu? 

We've got questions for Netanyahu. For example, Trump may be more willing to allow Jewish settlement expansion in Israel than Netanyahu. Trump may be more aggressive with regard to Israel's security than Netanyahu. Trump may also be more aggressively pro-Israel than Netanyahu regarding the question of a 'two-state solution' (Hillel Fendel, "Ignoring warnings, PM already told Trump he favors two states", arutzsheva, February 13, 2017) 

[Some of us don't see a 'two-state solution' as being pro-Israel. We see it as an anti-Israel solution].

How well will Netanyahu handle Trump? The Jewish Prime Minister has spent the last eight years learning how to bow, prostrate himself, appease and eat humble pie before a hostile US president. What will Trump want from Netanyahu?

We won't know the answer to this question this week. But one thing is very possible. Once Netanyahu's airplane lands back in Israel, Israelis might give Trump a higher grade for this first meeting than they give to Netanyahu.

Will that be a problem for Netanyahu?

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