Wednesday, February 15, 2017

As Netanyahu meets Trump, watch the protesters

Earlier this week, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu left Israel. He flew to the US to meet with US President Donald Trump. His meeting with Trump is set for today, Wednesday, February 15, 2017. 

These two leaders will have much to talk about. Pundits say they'll talk about Iran. They'll talk about the UN--and more. 

For example, Israel has just passed a new 'Regulation Law' that legitimizes small communities in Judea-Samaria. it's considered to be controversial because the anti-Israel industry calls this law the death-knell for peace. Trump will probably have a comment or two to say about this. What will he say?

Then there's the question of coordinating security and intelligence issues that affect both countries. There's also Syria and the Palestinian Authority (PA) to talk about ("Netanyahu heads to Washington for first meeting with Trump", timesofisrael, February 13, 2017). 

This meeting with Trump is part of a brief world-sprint for Netanyahu. Last week, he was in Britain to meet with British PM Theresa May. This week, he 's gone to the US for his meeting with Trump. Later this month, he's scheduled to fly to Australia and Singapore for more high-level meetings. 

It's not certain how he'll be received during these trips. But if what happened in London during last week's meeting with British PM Theresa May, the reception he gets from local citizenry may teach us something about the state of anti-Israelism in the era of a tough Donald Trump.

Briefly, anti-Israelism in London, as characterized by protesters who turned out last week to voice their opposition to Israel, is loud, hateful and anti-Semitic. 

As you'll see in a  moment, pro-Israel 'defenders' at this London protest scene actually outnumbered the anti-Israel 'protesters'. As you watch the video below, you may notice that slogans used by the anti-Israel crowd had more to do with destroying Israel than with any demand for peace or a 'two-state' solution. 

You should remember that. Anti-Israelism isn't about peace. it's about destroying Israel.

In this video, you'll hear a chant: 'From the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea'. For this chant, 'Palestine will be free' refers to replacing the entire state of Israel with a 'Palestine'. In other words, the chant--a favorite among the anti-Israel crowd--calls for the destruction of the Jewish state in order to create the Muslim state of 'Palestine'.

The British protesters below spent more time demonizing than 'peace-ifying'. They demonized Israel with the exaggerated claim of 'world's greatest terrorist state'. They demonized by associating Netanyahu's political party, Likud, with the 'KKK'. At least one protester claimed that Israel was out to start a World War; but then, he didn't seem to know what he was talking about.

Does that matter? The man still got out his anti-Israel message: those Jews are going to start a World War.

See for yourself. The video below is just over 4 minutes. It appeared on youtube on February 7, 2017. It comes from the website, unitedwithisrael:

As Israel's leader meets president Trump, follow the protesters. As they chant and shout, listen, if you can, to the words they use. 

I suggest that these protests will not be about, 'we want peace'. They'll focus on demonizing the Jewish state. 

Of course, local media in the US might not show you protests. You may have to surf the 'net to get that story.

Take the time to find the protesters. You might get a real education.

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