Sunday, February 26, 2017

Nazi hate appears again

In the concentration camps of Nazi Germany, Nazi overlords made every effort to erase all evidence of an inmate's individual, unique identity. They took away clothes, jewelry and personal religious articles. They stripped Jews, herded them naked, humiliated them. 

They took their names away. They tattooed numbers on inmates' arms. By this means, Nazis took away a human being's name and identity. The Nazi goal was to disconnect every Jew from his people, his identity, his religion and his humanity. With six million Jews, they succeeded.

Today, the Arab leaders of the Palestinian Authority do the same thing to Israel--on a national level. They make every effort to erase all evidence of Israel's Jewish identity. They take away Jewish names from Jewish holy sites. They give Arab names to Jewish places. They deny Jewish history in Israel. 

The goal of Arab leaders in the PA is the Nazi goal: to disconnect every Jewish place in Israel from its people, its history, its religious Jewish roots and its national Jewish significance.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) wants to do to the state of Israel what the Nazis did to individual Jews--erasure. The PA tries to erase not only individual Jewish identity (with its calls for Intifada) but the entire national Jewish identity.

Some argue that it was the resiliency of Jewish identity that helped many Jews survive those Nazi concentration camps. While that may not be entirely true, it seems far more compelling to state that it is Israel's national resiliency in the face of PA hate that has made Israel a secular Light unto the Nations in such areas as medicine, agriculture and computer science.

Nazis lost their humanity trying to deny Jews their humanity. Today, when you compare how both Israel and the so-called 'Palestinians' have developed since 1948, you see that too many 'Palestinians' have lost both their individual humanity and their communal commitment to build a 'nation-state'. 

They don't dream of nationhood.  They dream of destroying the Jewish state so as to deny Israel its Jewishness.

The Nazis of Germany were able to achieve great evil because powerful men decided that their beliefs were supreme over the word of the Jewish G-d. The leaders of the Palestinian Authority seek the same evil Nazi goals--religious supremacy, conquest and extermination. 

Unchecked, the Nazis of Germany destroyed all of Europe, a large portion of Russia, and perhaps 40 million people. How many millions of Jews do today's 'Palestinian' leaders want to kill?  

Nazis subjected Jews to inhuman, horrific treatment. Those Nazis created, empowered and implemented Man's worst horror against Man--all in the name of a new world order. 

Today, 'Palestinian' leaders would do that again. They want to sweep across Israel and kill in the name of a new, holier 'Palestinian' national social order.

Nazi hate has not disappeared. It has come again to life--in the Palestinian Authority. 

(Much of this essay derives from a speech given by Minnesota Supreme Court Associate Justice David Stras at a dinner sponsored by the Twin Cities Cardoza Society, in Minneapolis, Minnesota on November 2, 2016, as reported by Scot Johnson at powerline on November 28, 2016) 

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