Wednesday, February 8, 2017

How Leftists prepare for Israel, Trump and your future

Many people wonder why the Left so condemns Israel. They wonder why the Left so ignores the anti-Israel incitement of the ‘Palestinian’ Authority (PA). They wonder why the Left believes there’ll be peace between Arab and Jew when so many Arabs swear so loudly and so often to destroy the Jewish Israel.

Certainly, the Left’s behavior is curious. For example, the Left believes the ‘Palestinian’ claim that the Temple Mount is Islamic, not Jewish. But all archaeological and historic evidence proves otherwise: the Temple Mount is Jewish.

Why doesn’t the Left see this?

The Left believes the ‘Palestinian’ claim that ‘Palestinians’ have been in Israel ‘since time immemorial’. But there is no long-term historical record of a ‘Palestinian’ nation in Israel. There is, however, a vast historical record of a Jewish presence in Israel that dates back centuries.

Why can’t the Left see that?

Indeed, if the ‘Palestinians’ are as ancient as they claim, their presence in Israel would predate the Quran. But the 1300+ year old Quran never once mentions the words ‘Palestine’ (meaning an Arab Palestine) and ‘Palestinian’—but mentions ‘the children of Israel’ and ‘Jews’.  

Why doesn’t the Left see that?

The Left says the Palestinian Authority wants peace. But if that’s true, why does the PA map of the new Arab ‘Palestine’ show Israel being erased from the world and replaced by the Muslim ‘Palestine’?

That map doesn’t suggest ‘peace’. It shouts for the destruction of Israel. Why can’t the Left see that?

Apparently, the anti-Israel Left doesn’t see very much. Why is that?  

Here’s an answer to that question. It’s a picture that illustrates why the Leftist isn't particularly perceptive about much of anything:  

Image result for more pictures of man with head buried in ground
From: pinterest

A Leftist cannot see any truth that sits right in front of his face. You can see why, above.

To understand why Leftists behave this way, study how the Leftist thinks. Do that and you’ll understand why the Leftist ends up with his back-end so highly placed.

The Left is highly educated. It doesn’t just decide, wily-nily, to build an anti-Israel or anti-Trump ideology. It’s better organized than that. It has a plan.

The Left’s plan is as simple as it is ideological. It uses a familiar process. Whether it’s Marxism, Fascism, Socialism, anti-Trumpism, Communism or ‘Palestinianism’—it’s always the same: the Left creates manufactured claims that have little connection to fact. It creates fakery. 

The  Left creates its fakery because it always has a dream. It always wants ‘better’. But the Left has little faith in its dreams. It worries that its dreams aren't strong enough to survive. It fears its dream are only unrealistic, foolish fantasy.

So it creates fakery. It creates lies. It rewrites reality to force reality into alignment with the dream.

What this means for the Left’s ‘Palestinianism’ is that anti-Jew Arab fakery is always seen as truth. If the Arab narrative says Jews are thieves and occupiers, then they’re thieves and occupiers. If the Arab narrative says ‘Palestinians’ are always victimized by Jews, then they’re always victimized by Jews. 

For the Leftist, truth is irrelevant. Truth won't lead to peace. Fakery will. 

Unfortunately, fakery isn't benign. Lies seldom are. 

Fakery has real-world consequences. The Left’s ‘Palestinian’ fakery harms the chance for peace with Israel. Why would Israel want to make peace with fakers and liars?

The Left’s anti-Trumpism fakery harms America. The Left's lies threaten to push America to civil war.

Fakery is like cancer. It destroys. 

It destroys because it's never about dreams. It's never about 'better'. It's never about truth. 

It’s about malice. It's about hate. It's about conquest.

Ask Trump. Ask Netanyahu.

This drive to sell fakery-as-truth is step one of the Left’s anti-Israelism and anti-Trumpism. Step two is to teach the young-and-ignorant on college campuses that fakery is the only way to peace and freedom.

What do college students know? They're young-and-ignorant.

When their Professors tell them to embrace fakery, they embrace it. Their grades will suffer if they resist their Professor's fakery. Therefore, why resist?

Therefore, they follow their Professors. They believe the ‘Palestinian’ narrative. They believe the anti-Trump narrative. They believe that fakery and malice are superior to truth and respect.

Here's another picture. It illustrates how the young-and-gullible react to their Professors’ view of the Arab-Israel conflict--and to Trump:  

Hiding head in sand : Stock Photo
from: getty images

What can one say? This last picture reveals how today's college youth are being prepared by Leftists to lead us into the future.

Reassuring, isn't it? 

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