Sunday, January 22, 2017

Why 'Palestinians' will never make peace with Israel

The UN and the EU pressure Israel to 'make peace' with the Palestinian Authority (PA). That's what the December 2016 UN Resolution 2334 and the January 2017 Paris Peace Conference were all about: to shame Israel as the villain of the Arab-Israel conflict so as to force Israel to surrender land for peace with a PA that incites for genocide against Israeli Jews. 

The PA lusts for such a peace. Israelis fear it.

The UN (through its United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA)  has been teaching Palestinian children to kill Jews (Daniel K Eisenbud, "Experts: Over 200 US-approved textbooks teach Palestinians to kill Jews", jerusalempost, November 16, 2016). That's not the road to peace. It's the road to war.

PA religious institutions clamor for 'Palestinians' to stab and shoot Jews. That's not a call for peace. It's the call to murder.

Curiously, the UN and the EU ignore Palestinian racism, incitement and warmongering against Jews and Israel (Perry Chiaramonte, "UN-sponsored schools using anti-Israel textbooks from Palestinian Authority", foxnews, January 4, 2017). Instead, the UN and EU choose to pressure only Israel. They say little-to-nothing about the villainous, genocidal role of PA incitement  against Jews and Israel.

That's a mistake. It's the fatal flaw in EU-UN peace-making efforts.

Peace comes not from signatures on paper. it comes from what is in people's hearts.

Here is a video to show what is being placed into the hearts of young 'Palestinians'. This video shows why the PA will never make peace with Israel. 

It's a brief video, just 3:04. It's titled, "New film-clip: Stop child abuse: UNRWA prepares child soldiers for war". The video is from the website, behindthenewsinisrael. The video is dated January 20, 2017:

When children are indoctrinated in school to kill Jews and and to want to die trying to kill Jews, there will never be peace between Arab and Jew. That's as obvious as the nose on your face. 

The UN and the EU can't see this. Perhaps they don't care about the child abuse described above. Perhaps they don't really care about peace with Israel. 

The EU and UN are obsessed with Israel. They are not obsessed with peace. They are obsessed with demonizing and attacking Israel. 

That's not peace-making. It's war-mongering.

Beware these peace-makers. The world is in grave danger when those we trust to make peace agitate for war.

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