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A picture of the future of Europe

(Last updated: February 1, 2017)

Have you ever wondered why the European Union (EU) supports the 'Palestinian Cause'  with such fervor? Have you ever asked why the EU demonizes Israel? Perhaps I've got some answers for you.

European officials love 'multiculturalism'. In theory, multiculturalism aims to treat all ethnic groups, cultures and religious communities as equals (David Miller, "The changing face of multiculturalism in Europe", theglobeandmail, April 18, 2016). What could be wrong with that?

Some thirty+ years ago, European officials found nothing wrong with it. They thought multiculturalism looked like a good idea (Kenan Malik, "The failure of multiculturalism", foreignaffairs,  March/April, 2015). They saw it as the best way to address the many social, cultural and religious differences that festered between European communities. They thought it would cure Europe's social problems (ibid). 

It didn't. It's had the opposite effect. 

Yes, EU officials still love multiculturalism. But today, multiculturalism is the cause of Europe's social problems, not the cure (ibid).

The culprit--to a very large extent--is immigration into Europe, particularly Muslim migration. Muslim migrants--more than 2 million in the last two years alone--overwhelm Europe.

Europe can't cope. It can't adjust. It can't afford the social benefit costs of such a migration ("Muslim migrant crisis (hijrah Jihad) to cost Germany 50 Billion by 2017", telegraph, February 2, 2016).  

The truth is, such a mass inflow of anti-Christian, anti-West migrants has turned multiculturalism into a sham (George Friedman, "Merkel, Muslims and the problem of multiculturalism", geopoliticalfutures", December 15, 2015).The reasons for this awful impact on Europe are simple, clear and obvious to anyone who's traveled into Europe. Most Muslims don't integrate into European society. Most won't learn the languages of their new country. Most won't work. Instead of peace or multiculturalism, they bring a rape epidemic to Europe (Tom Wyke, Jay Akbar, "Migrant rape fears spread across Europe. Women told not to go out at night alone after assaults carried out in Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland amid warnings gangs are coordinating attacks", dailymail, January 8, 2016, updated February 1, 2016).  

Look at some headlines:

-Belinda Robinson, "Germany: 75% of Algerian Migrants have been sex assault suspects" expressuk, December 6, 2016.

-Thomas D Williams, "Italy report: more immigrants = more crime", breitbart, November 23, 2016.

-"Germany hiding crimes: only 17 out of 1,200 Muslim sex attacks appear in the police crime statistics", muslimstatistics, October 23, 2016.

-Keiligh Baker, "Migrants linked to 69,000 would-be or actual crimes in Germany in first three months of 2016", mailonline, June 7, 2016

-Bora Tidning, "480,000 sex crimes against women in Sweden--in a year", muslimstatistics, November 5, 2016.

-Virginia Hale, "Government language tutor claims migrants only interested in benefits, boast they'll never work", breitbart, September 14, 2016.

-"Sweden: Migrants responsible for 95% of all crimes, overepresented by 430%". muslimstatistics, August 21, 2016.

What does all of this migration actually look like? Here's that look:

A view of Muslim prayer in Birmingham, England: 

An estimated 90,000 people attended this year's Eid celebration in Birmingham
                                                from: thesun, July 6, 2016

In front of the Colosseum, Rome, Italy:

                      from: aljazeera, October 2, 2016


In Marseille, France:

                                       from: thenewobserver, June 18, 2014

How do EU officials react to this migration pressure? Here are some more pictures. 

Many of these pictures (below) weren't taken in Europe. They were taken in Muslim countries during official EU visits. But they nonetheless show you how European leaders will look when Islam takes over Europe. 

Most of these pictures come from, Daniel Pipes, "Hijabs on Western Public women", danielpipes, May 19, 2008--updated December 15, 2016. The last picture comes from, Vijeta Uniyal, "EU Foreign Minister issues prison threat to President Trump", legalinsurrection, January 30, 2017.

Norway's Queen Sonja

UK Queen Elizabeth with Sharia-compliant dress

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands

Federica Mogherini can't stay away from Tehran or hijabs.


A picture is worth 1,000 words. These pictures show you--in living color--what a 1,000 words cannot: the future of Europe. As Ms Mogherini (pictured above) has already said, Islam is coming to Europe (Paul Joseph Watson, "EU security head: political Islam is the future of Europe", infowars, July 6, 2015).

Mogherini made that statement 18 months ago. She is not alone in her assessment:

-Giulio Meotti, "Islam strengthening in Europe with blessing of the Church", gatestoneinstitute, January 29, 2017;

-John Hall, "Europe will soon have more Muslims than Christians: Belgium  warns against making an enemy of Islam at Belgium attacks hearing", thesun, April 26, 2016;

-"Church in revolt at Pope's 'blessing' of Islam's expansion in Europe", worldtribune, January 29, 2017;  

-Selwyn Duke, "Islam is taking over Europe without swords, without guns, without conquest," observer, January 25, 2017; 

-"Will Islam conquer Europe", therealtruth, January/February 2017;

-"The Islamic veil across Europe", bbcnews, December 6, 2016.

Islam crowds into Europe. Europe responds with bended knee, covered heads and Muslim-friendly diplomatic attacks against Israel.

Europe's future is an open book. Islam will strangle Europe (Selwyn Duke, "Sharia sunset: the Islamization of Europe continues unabated", newamerican, March 8, 2016).  

If you want to see Europe's future, just look at a few pictures of Islam on European streets. Look at pictures of European leaders in Sharia-approved garb. 

Those pictures tell you everything you need to know about the future of EU. It is a future where Sharia will be law.

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