Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The American anti-Israel campaign: how Kerry lies

I've found a video for you. It's from Fox news, It was first published January 10, 2017. 

If you haven't seen it, it's worth your while to watch.

It's about John Kerry's claims that Israel restricts 'Palestinian' movement throughout the 'West Bank' by means of a web of checkpoints that seriously disrupt the lives of 'occupied Palestinians'. It's a video that shows how Kerry lies. It's a video that shows how this lie demonizes Israel.

The video shows you what the Kerry 'disruption' looks like. It comes from youtube:

I think this video is self-explanatory. But I do offer one clarification:

Regarding the video's comparison between time needed to cross into Israel from the Palestinian Authority vs time needed to cross into the US from Mexico, the numbers were, 7 cars passed into Israel during the same time it takes for one car to pass into the US from Mexico.

Yet, it is Israel which is demonized for 'disrupting' the lives of 'Palestinians'. No one criticizes the US for 'disrupting' the lives of Mexicans.

The Obama administration has given its soul to the Jihadi jackals who demonize, criminalize and aim to destroy the Jewish state of Israel. At the very end of the Obama reign, John Kerry follows his boss and places himself squarely with those jackals.

Joining those jackals isn't diplomacy. It's an ugly, anti-Semitic and genocidal act of hate.

History will not treat either Obama or Kerry kindly.

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