Sunday, January 29, 2017

Palestinians, fake news, Trump and the Arab water libel

The Palestinian Authority (PA) deserves a Nobel Prize--for lies. Its penchant for lying knows no bounds. It uses fake news, misrepresentations, alternative facts, half-facts and outright falsehoods to demonize Israel. It's the world's most proficient--and successful--liar. 

Israel suffers because of 'Palestinian' lies. It suffers precisely because the world parrots virtually everything  'Palestinians' say, no matter how outrageous. 

Open the news and you see Israel--demonized. Open the news and you see 'Palestinians'--innocent, and oppressed by the demon Israel.

It works. The PA indeed deserve a Nobel Prize for lies.

Water is one topic 'Palestinians' have lied about. The Middle East is a dry region--very dry. Much of the Arab world suffers from a great and growing water shortage. Israel, however, no longer suffers from such a plague.

Israel survives. It's the start-up nation: it solves problems in science. It creates solutions in technology. 

Israel has worked hard and for many years to conquer its water problems. It's invented new technologies. It's created new science. It's developed new construction techniques--all to solve water issues. For many, Israel has deservedly earned the title, "water superpower". 

Israel offers its technology to all who wish help. All a government has to do is ask for that help.

The PA won't ask. It hates Israel. It hates Israel's success. Instead of building infrastructure and strategies to control water use for its citizens, the PA builds something else: lies about Israel, including lies about water. 

The result is, Israel gets demonized for a host of so-called 'water crimes'. 'Palestinians', however, suffer more than Israel. The PA neglects its own citizens' needs, then blames Israel for that neglect. 

It works. The world repeats every lie the PA tells about Israel. The world neglects how the PA neglects its own.

The PA doesn't care how much its citizens suffer. Clearly, lying about Israel is more important than taking care of its own citizens. 

According to the PA lie-factory--and its anti-Israel sympathizers--Israel has committed multiple water crimes against innocent 'Palestinians'. Here is a list of some of those 'crimes':  

-Israel steals water from PA wells;

-Israel destroys water PA sources;

-Israel discriminates against 'Palestinians' because of how it allocates water to Jews in Israel and 'Palestinians' in the PA;

-Israel pollutes the PA water supply;

-Israel contaminates PA water.

I call all of these accusations lies. Instead, I prefer to  research how, exactly, 'Palestinians' use, lose, neglect and steal their own water, then blame Israel. Such research isn't always easy. Many internet searches for 'Palestinian' water problems don't show you stories of how the PA abuses water. Instead, they often show you anti-Israel stories with the above accusations. 

Nevertheless, the research can be done.  

Here's the result of one such search. It doesn't cover all PA actions which keep water away from its citizens, but it covers a lot of the problem. This list comes from pro-Zionist Gabriel Rosenberg:

The Truth Behind the Water Libels

Each of the situations listed above are under 'Palestinian' control. The PA can drill wells. It can fix leaks. It can build water treatment plants. It can change how it irrigates farmland. It can prosecute the many Arab water pirates who steal water from their Arab neighbors in the PA.

The PA even has access to international money to do all of these things. But the PA does nothing to help itself. 

If the PA turned to Israel for water technology and management advice, it would solve most--if not all--of its water problems. But the PA won't turn to its next-door neighbor Israel. 

The PA doesn't care if Israel is the world's leading water superpower. The PA won't turn to the Jewish Israel because that would mean cooperating with Jews. It would mean normalizing relations with the Jewish Israel. It would mean 'recognizing' an entity the PA has sworn to destroy.  

There's another reason the PA won't turn to Israel for help. There's absolutely no way the PA will cooperate with 'sons of apes and pigs'.

For decades, the PA has sold a fake story to the world. That story calls Israel "a malevolent force when it comes to treatment of Palestinians" (Lea Speyer, "Watchdog: false 'water war' reporting highlights media willingness to frame Israel as 'Malevolent Force' oppressing Palestinians", thealgemeiner, June 17, 2016). The world's media appears eager to gobble up and regurgitate every fake news story against Israel the 'Palestinians' can create (ibid). Seemingly, it does this happily. It's certainly never been too picky about how accurate or true PA accusations are. 

Fortunately for Israel, anyone who has followed America's 2016 election news--and anti-Trump post election news--knows about 'fake news'.  They know it's pernicious, vicious and designed to mislead. Its goal is always the same: to demonize both Trump and non-progressive ideas.  

This American revolt against 'fake new' helps Israel. It educates us. It tells us to beware demonizing headlines. It suggests that demonizing headlines might be more fakery than fact.  

Because we now know about 'fake-news-in-order-to-demonize', it's easier to understand the PA's fake news headlines about Israel. It's also easier to print the truth about 'fake news'. Trump's election makes essays about 'truth-over-fakery' possible. 

Thank G-d for that. May the American revolt against 'fake news' be the beginning of the end for lies about Israel.

Stay tuned.

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