Monday, February 8, 2016

The death of the ‘Palestinian Cause’

The ‘Palestinian’ Cause festers. It has cut out its own tongue. Its hate is so sickening, it has no taste for state-craft. Even US President Barack Obama, possibly America’s most pro-Palestinian President ever, has given up hope for anything ‘Palestinian’.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) soaks in its own blood. It thinks only of war against the Jew. Against the Jew, it loses every war.

It has lost every Intifada against Israel. It’s lost every suicide-bomb campaign.

Every hostile act it has designed to terrorize Jews has backfired. Its Intifadas, knife Intifadas, car intifadas and child Intifadas have changed nothing—except to get hundreds of Arabs killed and thousands more injured and arrested.

The PA’s terror campaigns have been successful on only one level. They’ve truly succeeded in bringing ever-more misery to the PA.

The PA’s BDS boycott movement has backfired. Mostly, it doesn’t convince anyone of significance to turn against Israel. But when it does succeed, that success hurts the PA more than it hurts Israel.

For example, a BDS success doesn’t mean an Israeli company goes out of business. It means that an Israeli company closes, packs up and moves to another, non-disputed location in Israel. The result of this ‘success’ is that hundreds of ‘Palestinian’ workers get laid off because their employer has moved.

In the end, BDS locks out Palestinian workers from dream jobs in Jewish-run companies. Make no mistake. These jobs are indeed dream jobs for ‘Palestinians’. These jobs pay more than Arab jobs, provide better benefits and better work environments than Arab jobs (Paul Miller, "Arabs praise Israel; for their treatment of Palestinian workers", breitbart, October 1, 2014). 

Jews are better employers. Jews treat Arab employees better than Arab employers (ibid).

When BDS wins, the PA loses. Every BDS victory means misery, not opportunity. 

The Jewish settlement enterprise, meanwhile, grows stronger. As Israel grows, the PA cripples itself with greed, corruption, incompetence and Jew-hate.

Haven’t you noticed? The longer the PA promotes its Jew-hate, the stronger Israel has grown. The more the PA glorifies Jew-killing, the weaker the PA becomes.

The more Arabs use terror and incitement against Jews, the less willing Israel becomes to trust Arabs to have a state right next door. Every attack against a Jew doesn’t forward the ‘Palestinian’ Cause. It drives another nail into the coffin of that Cause.

There are no protests for peace in the PA. There are only protests to demonize Israel.

There are no calls in the PA to seek Israeli technology and know-how. There are only calls to destroy Israel.

The PA doesn’t have a single individual in its leadership structure who seeks cooperation with Israel. It doesn’t have a single individual who has proposed a single pragmatic plan that can be implemented to reach a sustainable political agreement with Israel (Bassam Tawil, “The Palestinians' Window of Opportunity Is Closing”, gatestoneinstitute, December 8, 2015).

The PA state-craft cupboard is bare. It’s always been bare.

No one in the PA leadership wants peace. Everyone wants Israel destroyed. The entire PA asks, why seek cooperation with Israel when Israel will cease to exist (“PA TV tells kids Israel will cease to exist”, Arutz Sheva, December 16, 2015)?

PA leaders are fools. They don’t build a future. They make peace-killing demands. For example, the PA demands that the capital of ‘Palestine’ must be in the heart of the capital of the State of Israel. That’s ridiculous. Israel will never accept that (Tawil, ibid).

The PA demands the ‘return’ of millions of ‘Palestinian’ refugees to the territory of the State of Israel. That’s also ridiculous. The Jews know that would be demographic suicide for their country (ibid). They’ll never accept that.

The PA doesn’t want a Palestinian state alongside Israel. It wants a Palestinian state in place of Israel. It deludes itself into thinking the West genuinely supports its goals.

The PA doesn’t hope for peace. It hopes that the West will help it destroy the Zionist entity, meaning, Jewish Israel.

The PA terrorizes Israel and believes that, by such terror, Israel will surrender land to it. That’s ridiculous. Israelis do not delude themselves into thinking Arabs will ever consider them as anything but a cancer in the heart of the Middle East (ibid).

Those who argue that Israel is immoral because it uses force are fools (ibid). They have no clue how Hamas, ISIS and Fatah operate. Whatever immorality Israel has, these Arab organizations are worse (ibid).

Hamas, ISIS and Fatah are not simply immoral. They’re barbaric.

The PA embraces barbarism. It destroys itself. In the end, it will cut off more than its own tongue.

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