Wednesday, February 10, 2016

An Israeli Apartheid photo album

Repeatedly, Jew-haters call Israel an Apartheid state. Apartheid means that a specific population has no chance to contribute to or participate in a society. It is excluded. It's locked out.

Apartheid means institutionalized discrimination. Apartheid requires that an identified population is, by law, sealed off from adequate medical care, professional careers, the right to vote, the right to serve in important positions and the right to receive promotions and professional rewards. 

According to those who call Israel 'Apartheid', the excluded class is the Arab. The Jew-hate industry claims Arabs under Israeli law are crushed. They are excluded. They are humiliated and locked out. Arabs, Israel's enemies say, suffer terribly as a second-class, disenfranchised citizens.

The Jew-hate industry wants you to believe that, in Israel-the-Apartheid, Arabs can't be doctors, college professors or scientists. Arabs can't be  judges or high-ranking government employees. They can't be ambassadors. 


Here now, for  your benefit, is a picture essay, It's an Israeli Apartheid photo album, as excerpted from the website, ElderofZyion. 

It reveals how Arabs fare under Jewish law. It also reveals a shocking, unacceptable truth about the evil called, Apartheid.

Page down now and begin your Israeli Apartheid journey:

The shocking truth about Apartheid in the Middle East is that it isn't an Israeli problem. It's an Arab problem. 

Arabs discriminate against Jews. They create laws to lock out or harm Jews. 

Arabs also discriminate against their own--the 'Palestinians'. Arab countries treat 'Palestinians' the way South Africa once treated blacks--can't vote, can't get quality jobs, can't live in proper housing, can't get equal medical care. 

That's Apartheid. It's not acceptable. Does anyone care?

No one cares. All the Arab world wants to do is demonize and isolate Israel. Those who pander to Arab sensibility aren't going to offend their Arab friends by complaining about Apartheid against 'Palestinians'.

 In Israel, meanwhile, Arabs have more rights and opportunity than found in any Arab country. In Israel, you have the only democracy in the Middle East. In Israel, you have freedoms found nowhere else in the Arab world. 

You must choose. Either Israel is an evil, Apartheid state--or those who call Israel 'Apartheid' are liars. 

Whose side are you on?


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